Depression Increases Stroke Risk

Stroke and depression

Depression sufferers have a significantly increased chance of having a stroke than their peers with a clean bill of mental health, reports CNN. What’s worse is that depressed patients are also more likely to die of their strokes. According to the research, having depression makes someone 45 percent more likely to have a stroke and 55 percent more likely to suffer a fatal stroke.

That’s not to say that depression is the biggest risk factor. People who are obese, have high blood pressure or smoke are still at a much greater risk. In fact, the researchers say that having depression alone probably isn’t something to worry about — in terms of a stroke, that is. However, having depression and one or more of the aforementioned risk factors will increase the likelihood of a stroke significantly.

As we’ve previously reported, women are especially susceptible to the link between depression and stroke.  Moreover, antidepressant drugs have been found to help recover from disability a year after a stroke, suggesting an even larger connection between the two ailments.

In addition to strokes, depressed people are also at an increased risk of insomnia and obesity. Evidently, not treating mental health problems can have a serious effect on physical health as well.

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