Won’t Leave the House Without Makeup? Blame the Marketing

Are you one of the millions of women who can’t bare the thought of leaving the house without a little lipstick and mascara? Without makeup, many women feel naked and vulnerable. So why precisely do women fear they aren’t attractive enough without it? According to new research, women buy cosmetics primarily for emotional reasons and savvy marketing techniques that manipulate women with feelings of inadequacy may be to blame.

A new study examined the factors that play a major role in women’s choice of cosmetic products. Scientists surveyed 355 women between the ages of 18 and 60. They were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the products and their emotional reasons for choosing that brand. Unsurprisingly, consumer satisfaction was directly related to how the cosmetic products were advertised and the emotional appeal used to attract the customer. When makeup was touted by advertisers as helping you care for yourself, it appealed more to women.

Dissatisfaction with one’s appearance was found to be the strongest factor in influencing women’s attraction to cosmetics. The research found that in order for a brand to appeal emotionally to women, it first causes them to feel negatively about their own appearance by showing images of unusually beautiful women. Cosmetic brands, which convinced women that they could become more beautiful by using their product, were favored.

The study also revealed that women were drawn more to cosmetic products with pretty packaging and a product that appealed to the senses in fragrance, feeling of smoothness, etc. regardless of its functional effectiveness. In other words, a bottle of facial cream with a tempting design was preferable even if it didn’t work well.

The study exposes the need to eliminate the use of unethical marketing tactics that make women feel negatively about themselves as the underlying tool of psychological motivation for buying a product. If you wear makeup, make sure you choose a brand for the right reasons.  Resist the subhuman marketing strategies that try to make you feel negatively about yourself and instead choose a product that really works.




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