Unemployment Blues Are Temporary

Losing your job sucks; it can be painful and depressing and it feels like nothing will ever be right again. But that’s okay — feeling that way is normal and a recent study showed that you won’t be mentally at rock bottom forever. Being unemployed doesn’t actually affect your overall life happiness, it’s just a little bump in the road. So while job loss feels rotten now, when people enter the workforce again their satisfaction levels goes back to normal.

If you are unemployed, use your time to look for that dream job. Or if you don’t know what type of job you want try taking an online career test. Those tests may help you to determine which type of job would best fit your personality.  Interestingly in the future, we may use bran scans to help us determine our ideal job.

If the job search blues is hitting hard, focus on the fact that you will work again. Get busy recent research suggests busier people are happier. Find something to do besides obsessing on your  job hunt.  Whether it is volunteering or taking up a new hobby, use your time off to stay productive.

You will find a job. It may take some time, but once you go back to work you will start to feel better. Sure, it doesn’t feel like that now, but when you’re employed again you’ll miss all that free time you had.

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