Kids Love To Get Dirty In The Garden

There aren’t too many things that peek kids imagination and curiosity more than a garden does.  If it is a couple of planter boxes or a larger plot of dirt in your backyard, kids are drawn to it.   There is a wealth of learning that can happen especially when kids are involved in the whole process from seed to the grown plant.

Think of their amazement when they see the little green leaves sprouting up through the dirt and over the weeks the leaves turn into a vegetable or fruit producing plant!  Kids will learn about where food comes from and how it tastes better coming fresh from the earth. By understanding the agricultural process kids will have a better appreciation for food.

There are other life lessons that can be learned from gardening too.  To make a garden grow it simply needs water and sun.  But to make a garden thrive it needs to be taken care of and nourished. The weeds need to be pulled, the tomato cages need to be put in place, the dirt needs to be turned.  Kids can take on all of these responsibilities with a little help and guidance from adults and they will be very proud of the end result.  Anytime you can involve kids in any process, if it is growing a garden or preparing a meal together, they will have fun and learn valuable life lessons.  The kids will learn that it takes patients and perseverance and the end result is well worth all of the hard work.  Go out and play in the dirt!

Here are some helpful websites to get you started on your gardening adventure:

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