Does Your Date Sound Like Minnie Mouse? She May Be a Cheater

high voice in women means cheater

Can you spot a cheater by the way he looks? Probably not. Infidelity doesn’t have a certain look. But could it have a special sound? Maybe. A recent study found that people think they can identify a cheater by the way he or she sounds.

The study looked at 49 men and 55 women. The participants listened to female and male voices that were pitched high and low and asked which voice was more likely to cheat. The study found that males thought females with higher pitched voices were more likely to cheat than those with lower voices and women thought men with lower pitched voices were more likely to cheat. Interestingly though, the high-pitched women were also thought to be more attractive by both men and women.

A lower male voice is associated with higher levels of testosterone and a higher female voice is indicative of higher levels of estrogen. Higher levels of both hormones are usually indicators of better health and reproductively, so it may be a biological instinct that makes the opposite sex find these people more attractive. Previous studies found that men with higher testosterone levels were more likely to cheat on their mate than those with lower levels. Higher levels of these hormones have also been linked to mating success, so maybe these people just have more opportunity to cheat as they are more desired over individuals with lower levels of these hormones.

Remember this study did not look at links between pitch of voice and actual cases of infidelity; this was just the participants’ perceptions. Infidelity can ruin a relationship, but instead of trying to figure out if your partner is having an affair by the sound of their voice or lipstick on their collar, just talk to them. Whether high- or low-pitched, communication is still the best defense against infidelity.


  • 1) Not a very good study. It says nothing about actual cheating. How about these study results?

    Studies have shown that:

    2) Sexually active men & women are more likely to cheat than virgins.

    3) Tall people can reach high shelves easier than short people.

    4) Men’s legs are longer than women’s legs. Therefore men’s feet are more likely to reach the ground than women’s feet.

  • @gaerbyl have you had consensual sex in the last decade??? It’s an article with a different look, not an end all be all. Loosen up tight ass and try some safe sexual activity and stop reading and beating about it

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