Raising Leaders: Why Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Children need to follow rules, but if you want your child to be the future President of the United States she may just need to break a few rules as well.  A recent study found that kids that push boundaries learn skills that may help them become good leaders. Parenting also plays a role in determining which kids grow up to be leaders. The study found strict parenting could positively influence how many management/leadership roles an individual took up in adulthood. The study also suggests that authoritative parenting led to less insubordinate children.

Why is rule breaking good for kids? Letting children figure out what is right and wrong on their own creates an individual who has the tools for leadership later in life. Of course, there is a fine line with allowing the rule breaking; you want to raise the next Abraham Lincoln not the next Bernie Madoff. The study also found the total “wild child” kids did not grow up to be leaders. When disciplining children supportive coparenting is helpful.

So parents, set rules and be supportive. but give your child a chance to mess up as well. It might be hard to let go — but as they say, “rules were meant to be broken.”

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