Two Can Play at Love’s Shallow Game

As more and more women enter the workforce, their taste in men is changing.  While in decades past women sought husbands who could provide for them financially, independent ladies can now prioritize other traits when looking for a mate.  Primarily, they want someone hot.  However, rather than seeking a cute young plaything like many men, women still prefer to couple with an older male.

A survey of mostly middle class, college-educated adults uncovered this looks-based shift toward women emphasizing a guy’s physical attractiveness.  As for the men surveyed, some things never change: research shows that males have consistently craved younger, beautiful women over the years. Of course, the skyrocketing divorce rates prove our looks-based mate selection plan may be flawed, since neither sex is doing a great job picking long-term life partners.

Experts weren’t surprised to see females move appearance to the top of their boyfriend checklist now that career women no longer need a man to support them.  What does come as a surprise is the gender disparity in desired age, with women tending to prefer significantly older men.  One theory for this inclination is that successful women want men who compliment their stature and power, traits more readily found in older gentlemen. Two can play at the shallow game, but women still want a guy who’s wise.

Single men take note: being a millionaire might not be nearly as important as having a million-dollar smile when it comes to scoring a date in this modern dating landscape.

Love is blinding, but not nearly as blinding as money. You can’t see the sun when you are busy digging for gold.

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