Mental Illness Affects Almost 40 Percent of Europeans

Mental illness was found to affect 38 percent of Europeans. That’s a shockingly high number. The research team arrived at the surprising figure after analyzing data from previous studies involving more than 500 million people in 27 European countries, in addition to Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. The researchers looked for more than 90 mental problems, including ADHD and other problems that are more common in children, as well as those typically found in the elderly, such as dementia.

The good news is compared to a similar study in 2005, the rates of mental and neurological disorders don’t appear to be going up. The most common problems include anxiety disorders, insomnia, depression, alcohol and drug dependence and dementia.

Why all the depression and mental illness in Europe?

Depression impacts people worldwide, but according to a new study the wealthier, more affluent nations may be worse off emotionally. More money, more problems. Indeed, people in wealthier nations may be more prone to depression. According to a CNN report, “In face-to-face interviews, teams of researchers surveyed nationally representative samples of people in 18 countries on five continents — nearly 90,000 people in all — and assessed their history of depression using a standardized list of nine criteria. The proportion of people who have ever had an episode of clinical depression in their lifetime is 15 percent in the high-income nations and 11 percent in lower-income countries, the study estimates. France (21 percent) had the highest and Mexico (8 percent) had the lowest.”

The gap between the rich and the poor is larger in wealthier countries, so this could have an impact on people’s perceived success levels. Plus, though this was not discussed in the research, there are a lot more psychiatrists and psychologists and antidepressant drug companies making a living off of our discontent in wealthier

This certainly isn’t the first time science has suggested money can’t buy you happiness. Other research found time with family and friends is the most valuable time we have. Indeed your fancy BMW won’t ever give you a hug or listen to your problems.

To boost depression and anxiety naturally, research has shown these help:

1. Exercise

2. Volunteer

3. Stay Busy


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