Bipolar Disorder: 6 Celebrities Who Bravely Speak Out

Bipolar disorder sufferers you”re not alone. Bipolar disorders 1 and 2 are mood influencing mental disorders affecting almost 5 million Americans. We commend the brave stars who have publicly shared their struggle with bipolar disorder.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (actress) In 2010, her husband Michael Douglass was diagnosed with cancer, and in 2011 Catherine checked into rehab.  According to reports, “After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bi-Polar II Disorder.”

(actress) The Disney star had her own problems that came to a head in the end of 2010 when she checked into rehab. Lovato stated,  “I had no idea that I was even bipolar until I went into treatment.”

Carrie Fisher (actress) The “Star Wars” beauty has her own struggle with the “dark side.” “When I was about 24, I had a doctor tell me I was hypomanic,” Fisher recalls. “He said I should go on lithium. I didn”t believe him. I thought he was trying to get rid of me….To my recollection, which may or may not be that reliable, I wasn”t diagnosed again until I overdosed at 28,” adds Fisher. Fisher is now determined to help others avoid the mistakes she made and advocates prompt treatment of the disorder.

Sinead O’Connor (singer) O”Connor rose to prominence in the 90’s, made international celebrity when she famously tore a picture of the Pope in half on Saturday Night Live. Explaining her 2003 bi-polar diagnosis, O”Connor said, “It explained a lot about being angry, fighting with people, being suicidal. And often with anger what”s behind it is grief. Did you ever see this creepy cowboy movie, and at the end the guy was shot from behind and a huge hole is blown through his back – that”s how I used to feel. I felt like I was walking round the world with a huge hole in me. And within a day of taking the medication, I felt the cement had come and filled in the hole.”

Linda Hamilton (actress) Terminator star had many hurdles to overcome before she could find happiness. Haliton remembered,  “I would say 20 full years of symptoms, not counting my childhood. From 20 to 40. I call them my lost years.” Hamilton recalled, “About 10 years ago, when I really was crashing and burning, had spent many years, you know, not only looking for the answers but sort of self-medicating with drugs and alcohol as well, and was struggling to keep my marriages intact. It was at that point that someone wouldn’t let me out of his office. He said, “You are so seriously bipolar. You should not leave this office without me calling your primary physician and we need to get you on medicine.’”

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Action star) Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme tried to find other ways to treat his problem, explaining, ” … compensating for [then undiagnosed] manic-depressive disease with training. When I didn”t train for a couple of days, I felt so low and nothing could make me happy.”

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  • I have mixed Bi-Polar disorder, It is the hardest thing to rise above. When you live your life with it, you know nothing else — you have nothing to compare to. I was diagnosed after Post-Menopause. This was when my symptoms became so heightened I knew something was wrong. i understood it because my Dad, Sister and Son all have it. Knowing what the symptoms were made me realize I needed to see a doctor and she put me on medicine. It is still a major struggle, but I am doing the best I can to live with it – not fight it. It is a part of me and I must accept that, but I do not have to allow it to run my life.

  • Yeah same here agree to laurie1972pahs we bipolars shouldn’t allow this disorder to run our lives or even ruin it. Personally I lift my burdens up to our Almighty God that by his sufficient grace alone I am here alive and can testify His goodness that only in Him I can live my life normally. It’s been years of practice and experience how i will handle this case especially when I can feel either the manic / depressed state is acting up on me. It’s a matter of prayer most of the time that comforts me to level down those high or poles of moods. I just want to give back all the glory and honor to God alone by giving me this disorder for His own purpose that He alone knows. God Bless us all. :)))

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