Counseling Improves Sex for Couples After Prostate Cancer

Counseling may replace Viagra for some patients recovering from prostate cancer. A study found that prostate cancer survivors and their partners were able to reinvigorate their sex lives after attending couple’s counseling, reports NewsWise.

Men often suffer from erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer, and sometimes the problem goes even deeper. Some cancer survivors no longer feel attractive or worry that they will be unable to satisfy their partners with orgasms, fears that mentally make sexual intimacy difficult.

Fortunately, counseling may be the answer to these problems. Couples who attended counseling sessions reported having markedly improved sex lives after the meetings. In addition to traditional counseling, couples also found success with doing internet counseling. In particular, men who have difficulty discussing their sex lives with someone in person found the internet sessions to be a useful tool. As a point of comparison, researchers also studied couples on a waiting list for counseling, however their sexual problems did not improve without the therapy.

If counseling is out of your price range, you could always try these natural aphrodisiacs to see if they increase your sexual arousal.



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