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For many students, freshmen year of college is all about booze, partying and make-out sessions (interrupted by the occasional term paper or exam). But, there are more repercussions to a life of binge partying than just bad grades. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four women is sexually assaulted during college.

Those alcohol fueled “make-out” sessions turn into sexual situations that lack safe boundaries, for example, unprotected sex.  Plus an inebriated stumble home from a party leaves many college women at risk for sexual assault. So how can you protect yourself? Make good friends.

An in-classroom study of freshmen at the University of Arizona suggests that college freshmen are more likely to make sure a drunken female partygoer makes it home safely from the party if they are close friends. Friendships play a role in making sure girls don’t drunkenly go home with the wrong guy.  Girls are less likely to let their girlfriends hook-up and go home with strangers. However, they  may let their girlfriends hook-up with a guy that they all know.

Tips for Getting Home Safely

* Set up a check-in system between 3 or 4 of your best girl friends. Whether it is with text messaging, Facebook or phone calls, there’s no excuse to not stay connected — and safe.

*Many campuses offer “safe ride home” programs, with free door-to-door service. Take advantage of it. These free services will save you the cash from calling a taxi. Plus, cute party shoes weren’t meant for walking.

* Don’t talk on the phone or wear headphones while walking. High volumes, in particular, can make you dangerously unaware of your surroundings. Plus, headphones make you a target for attackers who see that you aren’t paying attention.

*Never ever walk home alone — always buddy up. There is indeed safety is in numbers.

*Scream. Beyond mace, kicking and punching your biggest weapon is your voice. Yell. Yell loud and specifically say you NEED HELP.

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