Antidepressants Linked to Autism: Plus, Where You Live a Factor, Too?

Antidepressants taken by pregnant moms may be linked to autism. As UPI reports, expectant mothers who use antidepressants may increase the chance of their children having autism. The study, performed by Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, found that mothers on antidepressants were twice as likely to have children with autism.

Antidepressant use isn’t the only thing linked to autism risk for unborn children. Another recent study found that pregnant women who live near highways are more likely to have babies with autism.  In fact, residing within 1,000 feet of a freeway nearly doubled the chance of giving birth to a child with autism.

Clearly, first-time mothers have a lot to keep track of during pregnancy. Therefore, knowing which autism rumors have research to support them (such as antidepressants and highways) versus the ones that do not seem to have validity (such as vaccines) is important. That said, if you are an expectant mother, be sure to consult a doctor before quitting your antidepressants. Sudden withdrawal from antidepressants may not only exacerbate the symptoms, but also increase the chance of having depression return.

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  • hmmmmnnnn pharmacology means in latin “medicine of death” …. if ever there was a resident for this its the terrible usage of this drug ————-it only worsens things do your research its a terrible thing post 911 that people live on these dangerious not natural to the body n psyche of humans …….this is like taking akin to a drug that had the presence of 150 cups of coffeeAT ALMOST ONCE ” N YOU SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THIS ??ive seen many people with real isssues or associated issues like 911 n we need to talk this out —chase away your demons do it thru talking talking talking relentless about what bothers you —i guarantee you the result = it will flee from you if not immediately it does loosen-grip ‘hence how people say “i feel better now i got that off my shoulders”…………..hopefully history with note the dark ages of humanity when it experimented n corrupted the natural balance you have from nature —you can have that back throw away the poison n believe i know you know this in your heart ===you werent born with bottle of pills n you know it ……………………………

  • And people say marijuana is bad? If you have ever taken this pharmaceutical mood altering stuff, it basically puts you in a state of temporary autism, where even staring quietly at a wall is entertaining and feels better than dealing with reality. This really isn’t surprising. And the government is getting rich by backing these companies and slowly turning everyone into zombies.

  • I was put on Cymbalta for back pain, and fatigue. Due to side effects I attempted to wean myself off of the drug, which took nearly 6 months. The reason being was the horrible vertigo and mood swings. I wasn’t depressed when I went on it but became depressed when going off. The vertigo and depression went away after a couple of months off of the drug.

    I had such horrible GI issues that I had to have a Colonoscopy to rule out other issues. Low and behold, as soon as I went off the drug completely they went away.

    I can’t imagine what these drugs can do to an unborn child.

    Please think twice before taking these drugs. Every time I see a Cymbalta commercial I want to throw something at the TV.

  • There is no medical evidence that taking an SSRI changes depression. It may make you feel numb to the issue, however, clinically, it’s never been proven to cure depression.

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