Could a Spot of Tea Help ADHD?

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If you are one of numerous adults who suffer from attention deficient/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), there may be a simple solution to help ease your symptoms right in your cupboard… tea. A recent article suggests that the caffeine in tea may help ease fatigue and improve focus in people with ADHD.

However, we should note that this is currently only a hypothesis; this group has conducted no research as of yet. Their point though could be valid. Stimulants are often successfully used in the treatment of adult ADHD and the scientists propose that consuming stimulants in the diet as caffeine, may be just as beneficial and easier to do. We’re not saying you should throw out your ADHD medication yet, but there does seem to be some validity to the hypothesis.

If this sounds like something you want to try, start your own experiment.

  • Start with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning with breakfast.
  • Make sure that the tea is not herbal, such as rooibos, chamomile, ginger, etc.
  • Green, black, earl grey, English/Irish breakfast, and white tea are all great options.
  • To keep your calories down, have the tea or coffee without milk or sugar.
  • You could also add a cup to your lunch, but just be aware that caffeine can interfere with sleep, so you might want to schedule your tea party to happen before noon.

Another way to attack adult ADHD without the drugs is through cognitive behavioral therapy. Working with a therapist on ways to handle various situations could help harness your focus. If you want to control your symptoms through diet, in addition to caffeine, also consider the quality of your diet. One study found that teens that ate a “western” diet (high in fast food, pizza, sugar, sodium) were more likely to suffer from ADHD. A diet high in protein and low in saturated fat that includes organic vegetables and fruits, flaxseed, primrose or omega-3 oils,  has been found to be beneficial to some with ADHD.

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