A Meditation Technique To Help You Feel In Control While Pregnant

pregnancy meditation

There are many benefits to prenatal yoga, from improving sleep to reducing lower back pain.  But for those times when your pregnancy glow feels more like pregnancy morning sickness, it can be hard to imagine any movement other than the trip between the couch and the toilet.

Enter meditation.  It can be extremely helpful for those times when vinyasa flow is just not an option.

Meditation can help ease that morning sickness, keeping the mind of mothers-to-be stable and focused.  It also works as a fantastic labor preparation.  So even if you’re getting hit by waves of nausea, there’s no better time to start practicing meditation than right now.

Here’s a meditation technique we recommend to feel better during pregnancy morning sickness:

First, remove any smells that could be triggering a reaction.  If you can, sit in a scent-free area or diffuse lemon or peppermint oil if you feel that may help.

Next, close your eyes.  Visualize yourself breathing through your belly with your baby.  You don’t need to mask anything.  If you feel a wave of nausea, take a deep breath and let it pass.  As with any form of meditation, you don’t want to push anything away and you don’t want to cling to anything.  If you find that your bodily sensations are annoying or frustrating you, bring your awareness to those emotions that are associated with your morning sickness.

Return to deep belly breaths.  Breathe for two counts.

Tune in to the rising and falling of your belly.  Depending on what trimester you are in, you may get a very noticeable reaction.  After 10 breaths or so, go back to breathing naturally.  Trust your body.  Feel the connection with your baby as you grow together.

Finally, bring your thumb together with each finger one by one.  As the thumb touches your index finger, think “Sa.” As it touches your middle finger, think “Ta.” As it touches your ring finger think “Na.” As it touches the pinky, think “Ma.” Sa. Ta. Na. Ma.

This mantra pays tribute to every stage in life, including the coming birth of your little one.  Say it out loud if you’d like.  Babies love to hear the sound of their mother’s voice, even in the womb!

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