What Your Skull Shape Says About You

What does the shape of your skull say about you?  In the 18th century, scientists and doctors believed the various contours to our skulls were clues to our souls.  Back then, phrenology was a popular science that supposed the content of a person’s character was related to the shape of his skull.  Hard to believe with today’s MRIs and brain scans that it was once accepted that the closeness of your eyes indicated your artistic talent. While a majority of phrenology was eventually written off, the idea that skull structure has a role in science rings true.

In a recent study, scientists attempted to categorize the shape of skulls in relation to the geographical region where they were found.  While the study itself had trouble differentiating the skulls by region, the scientists were able to identify which skulls were male and which were female because male skulls tend to be larger. This could shed new light on how science will go about identifying and categorizing bones, as they can now include gender in their studies.

Skull Facts:

There are 22 bones in the skull, eight cranial and 14 facial bones.  Even at birth, your skull is almost full sized, although the bones that make up your cranium aren’t fused together.  By the time you are a toddler. your skull is fully formed, meaning that the skull you have as a child is the same one you take with you into adulthood.

This new research can help to accurately identify ancestral bones from long ago, shedding new light on the geographical locations of fossils as well as being able to determine the gender of the fossils in question.  While the research is still in its early stages, it could certainly be a step toward a greater understanding of the history and background of humanity.

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  • Recently, some screwball called c-span advocating eliminating religion because evolution dictates we stick to evidence based science. Funny, whereas the study of ancient bones is surely interesting, it seems to me that it has been physics that has been breaking down barriers to learning and expanding our understanding of reality a lot more than evolutionary biology.

  • @ClaireWSoltPhD Dr. Solt, while I thouroughly respect the importance and contribution that the physics community has made to man’s knowledge, I would have to disagree. Much of physics is based on things that cannot be seen, but instead, we can “witness” the effects of this science. Even moreso with much of quantam physics, which I find, largely speculatory at best. Eveolutionary biology, (and Biology as a whole) allows us to connect with the very essence of who we are. Understanding our connection to the earth and its creatures gives us a better understanding of what it means to be human. (The natural human animal, not so much the “pseudo-civilized humans” many of us claim to be.) In my opinion, it doesn’t get any “REALER” than that. BTW, I am probably one of the few that thorough believes that creationism and evolutionism are not opposing views, but in many respects, actually compliment eachother. What do you think?

  • Who came up with these “facts” ? And who fact checked them? Obviously noone. I had college undergraduate courses in anatomy and topographical anatomy- the adult skull is NOT the same size as a newborns. Or anywhere close. One doesn’t need to have spent hundreds of hours studying anatomy to realize this – anyone who has ever seen a newborn can just look at any random adult and clearly see an enormous size disparity between their skulls. The tiniest adult pinhead is still substantially larger than a newborn’s skull. Such a stupid article casts doubt on the veracity of all articles presented on this site.

  • @Obscure323 @ClaireWSoltPhD your opinion appears to resonate with the common good and is respectable – my only problem wiht both sides is they as a whole focus on the 1% in-difference and sprinkle that focus with sarcasm and snickering doubts – perhaps a return to focusing on gods laws when applied are effective for the belivever or non-believer – but then again how could that ever be applied in our time when scapegoats for insubordination towards our neighbors is suffocating the next generation with its heavyness

    I praise Jehovah and listen to all science – but it has no real purpose in daily happenings with myself and those I interact with – meditating on the scriptures always is beneficial 1% or not

  • “Even at birth, your skull is almost full sized, although the bones that make up your cranium aren’t fused together. By the time you are a toddler. your skull is fully formed, meaning that the skull you have as a child is the same one you take with you into adulthood.”

    Who wrote this tripe? This is the worst kind of extrapolating.

    “Almost full-sized at birth” does not refer to “adult-sized” as the author eventually concludes. It means “almost full-sized for a baby.” The cranium does not fuse to its “full baby-size” until after birth so that the fetus’s head is flexible enough to squeeze through the birth canal.

    So, yes, the skull does not fully form until after the baby is born. But not, that does NOT mean “the skull you have as a child is same one you take with you into adulthood.” That’s a ridiculous conclusion. The skull obviously grows quite bit from toddlerhood on.

    I don’t know whether the author and editors meant to imply that a baby’s skull is the same as an adult’s but that certainly is the implication here. Clarification is necessary.

  • @DefiantKembro I believe what was meant here, is that, the shape of he skill, in design is the same basic shape we have in adulthood. The size obviousely changes with age.

    The shape shows gender and other things.

  • @JesseLeePeterson What in the world does Scaphos mean? I’m pretty well educated and I had to look it up – it still doesn’t make sense to me the way you used it. Please clarify.

  • Untrue headline and pointless article. So males and females have different skulls? Astounding!


  • It’s been know for a VERY long time that you can tell a male skull from a female skull by it’s size and shape. This is ancient news.Compare the skull of a toddler to an adult – there is a great difference in size. Try on a hat that you wore when you were ten. It probably won’t fit.There have been tools to do genetic research on bones that can tell you all about the bones’ ancestry. DNA/MTDNA tests have been around for quite awhile.The internet is full of stupid, but this may be the single worst article presented as informed science that I have ever seen in the history of the net…

  • “At birth your skull is the same size it will be for your entire life.Read more at FYI Living” What a horribly worded statement that makes no sense.

  • Good grief. I’m looking at my 1 year old right now and if her skull is going to be this size as an adult then we have a little problem.

    “the idea that skull structure has a role in science rings true”

    I don’t know where to begin with this article but I would probably start with that sentence and finish with this one.

    “male skulls tend to be larger”

    I may also take a stab at this gem,

    “ancestral bones from long ago” and

    “the skull you have as a toddler is same one you will take into adulthood”

    Haha. I’m laughing now so this did have some value.


  • @Obscure323 Sorry, Evolution and Creation are not reconcilable.

    Gen 1:25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good

    Cant play both sides on this, but nice try.

    John revealed that Jesus is the Word of God. Jesus studied, quoted and taught from the Pentateuch. If if the Creation story is wrong, the Christian faith is built on lies.

    Pick your team.

    Hebrews 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

    Grace and Peace to you.

  • @ptcruiser5850, it is not a reconciliation b/c there isn’t anything to reconcile. What you fail to understand is you have two points of view which aren’t necessarily wrong but are different from two different angles. We use things to understand the world around us but it is the faith from God that allows us to accept what we cannot explain or understand.

    As far as evolution and creation, God doesn’t condemn those who see evolution as a transient state of development of species on earth. We use tools to try to explain the changes on this planet. I do believe evolution does occur but I don’t treat with the same respect as creation nor do I even hold in the same sphere. Quoting Gen 1:25 doesn’t back up your claim. It just merely states what God did create animals but doesn’t accept or refute evolution.

  • @FrankReyes As far as evolution and creation, God doesn’t condemn those who see evolution as a transient state of development of species on earth.

    Really? Based on what? Your opinion?

    Mt 12:37 For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned

    Pick your team.

  • @ @ptcruiser5850 ptcruiser, you are taking what God has done and said and are trying to frame within a human point of view. Just by taking a quote from the scripture and trying to explain what God has done is not an argument for creationism or evolution. Scripture says animals were created by God.

    ptcruiser, who are you to judge someone else? God doesn’t need someone like you to point out faults, weaknesses, or shortcomings of other people. we are instructed to reflect on our shortcomings, faults, weaknesses, and sins and reach out to God for salvation. We the people need to go out to proclaim God’s glory and neverending love but it is not to tell people they are wrong or tell them “to pick a team”…Jesus when he was amongst us did not tell people “to pick a team”…your attempted reasoning is sad when you have to refer to this situation as a game by saying “to pick a team”….

  • @FrankReyes ptcruiser, who are you to judge someone else?

    I am not judging anybody. You wish to live in a framework constructed by your beliefs based on your opinions. You have set yourself up as the final arbiter of what is truth. While Jesus did not say pick a team, He did say “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters” Mt 12:30

    21st Century Christians are so devoted to seeming broadminded and accepting of those that hate Christ that they have become lukewarm(I wont quote that one for you)

    As my last reponse, I will encourage you to let go and Let God.

  • @ptcruiser5850 you judge. Your judgement on me is “You wish to live in a framework constructed by my beliefs based on my opinions.” that is your judgement. and while you say “21st Century christians are so devoted to seeming broadminded and accepting of those that hate Christ that they have become lukewarm” is what is happening to us “21st Century Christians”, you choose to not accept even “those that hate Christ”? God and Jesus are loving and accepting of everyone, regardless of what they think or do to them. Open your heart to all and accept them for who or what they are. For it is God who will sit in judgement of everyone including you my Fellow Christian. “Lukewarm or not, you still have labelled me a Christian and for that I love and thank you. Peace be with you on your journey to God. Amen.

  • I wonder if I have this problem as I have large [url=//www.buy-maleextra]male extra[/url] head! Oh well god gave us one to live with and love.

  • @Obscure323 That is the official view of the Roman Catholic church. Who are we to limit the omnipotent god to our interpretation of the Bible? There is only one truth, and God can work through labs, if he want to.

  • @ptcruiser5850 I think the people take the bible too literally many times. We often fail to realize that this was written thousands of years ago and translated hundreds of years ago. I think that sometimes the message can get lost in the verbiage.

    I understand your point, but understand, the bible says we were created in God’s image. How can something physical be made in the image of something spiritual? Does that mean that modern humans physically look like God? I don’t think so. I personally believe that it meant we were made in his image emotionally and spiritually. This is just an example of how reading the bible too literally could leave people thinking that God is a 5’9″, (insert race here) dude with a goatee and a beer gut because in essence, we were “made in his image.”

    I also think people fail to accept scientific reality in the fear of losing their religious values. How much sense does it make to say a certain hominid did not exist even though we can actually dig up their bones? We have skeletal remains for various hominids from australopithecus to africanus to antecessor to erectus. We even have remains of neanderthals and idaltu who are 98% genetically the same as us, but obviously different, due to their skeletal structure and being as though modern humans share the same DNA with only a +/- 0.1% variance. One cannot deny that these “humans” and “human ancestors” existed. It would be as foolish as saying dinosaurs never existed when people find bones/teeth/fossils almost daily.

    To the creationist, Adam was formed from the dust of the earth. I believe this to be true, although explained simplistically. To the evolutionist, man evolved from animals, which I also agree; however, I think it fails to acknowledge that the sophistication of life could not have happened by chance. The bible says that to God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. It was a way explaining that God’s time frame is different than ours, it doesn’t mean literally that 1 day= 1,000 years. If in a day he made the heavans and the earth, than the water, thean the creatures of the sea and so on, that means he could’ve taken millions of years to create all, just as science says. Also, the same order the bible describes creation is in the same order that science says. Another point is that the very point that the bible states the creatures of the sea were created, and then the creatures of the land, and then man. To me, that is evolution right there.

    In short, I can see things in both ways without “serving two masters” because God made me in his image and I contain “creativity” and an innate ability to think beyond predictated restraints.

  • @ptcruiser5850@FrankReyes Are you speaking of me when you speak of those who “hate Christ”??? How could you make a judgement like that without even knowing me?

  • @ClaireWSoltPhD I am not Catholic, but with that point I agree. We have to “stop telling God what to do with his dice.” The truth of the matter is that there is much to learn, and that our human brains cannot comprehend the total power and logic of the almighty. Maybe his way WAS evolution. I have no doubt that he exists (even physics verifies his existence in my opinion) i just believe that the human mind puts too many limitations based on our individual interpretations of the texts.

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  • Well, Joe Gorman, (the author of this crap) I can tell you what your skull says about you..obviously, having a larger skull, of the two sexes, doesn’t make one smarter.

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