Stressed Out? Hit the Gym

Control your blood sugar levels with exercise

Unfortunately, pain is not the only consequence for people suffering from chronic illness: anxiety is another side effect that often plagues these patients. Thankfully, with a little sweat, that anxiety might just be no sweat. According to a study, alleviating this anxiety may be as simple as exercising daily.

The research followed nearly 3,000 patients who experienced anxiety along with their chronic illnesses. Those who participated in exercise programs fared better than their more sluggish peers. Though any amount of exercise was helpful, workout sessions lasting longer than half an hour were best at decreasing anxiety symptoms. Data also determined that the optimal fitness treatment plan lasted three to 12 weeks. Programs running longer than three months were found to not be as effective, perhaps because having to keep up with a rigorous training program for the long-term eventually compounded the stress.

Certainly, more research needs to be conducted to better pinpoint the types of exercise that best combat anxiety. Nonetheless, the current findings support the idea that exercise promotes not just physical wellness, but mental wellness as well. Furthermore, it’s always great news to find a treatment that doesn’t rely on pharmaceuticals. Exercising is obviously cheaper than medication, and isn’t subject to potential dependency issues. So don’t stress, just get moving instead!

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