Richard Simmons: Viewers Concerned That Weight Loss Expert Has Lost Weight

Richard Simmons is not sick, Simmons’s publicist Tom Estey announced today. After Simmons showed up on Dancing with the Stars last night, viewers became concerned over Simmons sickly appearance, but according to Richard’s rep, there’s nothing to worry about.

Estey told People Magazine, “[Richard]’s the healthiest he’s ever been.” While this comment may be an exaggeration considering Simmons is now 63 years old, his gaunt look could easily be the result of trimming down rather than a disease.

Currently, Simmons has a busy schedule of running a Los Angeles dance studio and trying to lobby for the “Fit Kid Act”, a cause dedicated to increasing physical education courses in schools around the country. Given all of this activity, likely that Simmons has slimmed down naturally.

Nonetheless, the public has grown concerned – needlessly or not – and a Richard Simmons health watch will likely remain in effect for a while to come.

Poor Simmons. Is there such a thing as sweating too much to the oldies?


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