Psoriasis Drugs May Not Be Bad for Your Heart After All

Psoriasis drugs not bad for your heart

Psoriasis drugs do not cause heart problems after all, reported the Journal of the American Medical Association yesterday. While it was previously believed that biologics, drugs prescribed to patients with serious cases of psoriasis, heightened the risk of heart attack and stroke, new research found no such link.

This news is great for people with psoriasis who have had to choose between treating their irritated, flaky skin and not putting their heart health at risk.

quotes Caitriona Ryan, a researcher on the study, as saying, “We didn’t show statistical evidence, so there’s no actual evidence these drugs cause cardiovascular events.” Alas, the study was short-term and needs to be replicated on a larger scale before the psoriasis drugs can be deemed safe for the heart. For now, however, the finding is promising and offers

Eliminating psoriasis is important because not only does the condition take a toll on a people’s appearance, it also affects their mental health, increasing their risk of depression. For psoriasis sufferers who are waiting to seek treatment until the psoriasis drugs are cleared of all safety concerns, consider laying off alcohol to see if your symptoms subside.

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