Migraine Headaches and Eye Strain from Cell Phone Use?

Migraine headaches may be the result of cell phones, but it has nothing to do with those annoying ringtones. According to a new study, reading the small text on smartphones may be responsible for visual problems and headaches.

We do so much on our cell phones: send text messages, read emails, look up driving directions, and even surf the web. While it’s amazing to have it all available in the palm of your hands, this convenience is not without its downsides. Reading such tiny text on these phones is problematic. Not only are the letters too small in general, but people make a habit of holding the phone closer to their face than they need to.

Reading from your phone forces your eyes to focus in a way it is not typically accustomed to. It also messes with your eyes’ vergence, which is the movement that allows your eyes to focus on both near and far objects. In moderation, your eyes are designed to adapt, but many people have grown accustomed to reading from their cell phones throughout the day. In the long term, not only can this habit lead to migraine headaches, but also fatigue, eyestrain, dry eyes, and blurred vision.

Since getting rid of the phone is probably not practical for your work or social life, consider adopting some new habits on behalf of your eyes:

  • Remember to hold your phone an arm’s length away rather than next to your face.
  • When the text seems excessively small, try enlarging it – many phones have settings that will allow you to do this.
  • Save the majority of your web-browsing for when you have access to a normal-sized computer screen.


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