Lose 10 Lbs. a Year by Ditching the Digital Life

Here is an interesting weight loss strategy: get rid of our cars, dishwashers, washing machines and elevators.  Our modern conveniences are contributing to our waistlines and we are just letting it happen.  A recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic looked into exactly how many calories we are not burning by using modern appliances, specifically elevators, cars and washing machines (for both dishes and clothes).  The results showed that the calories that would be used by performing those tasks manually would add up to more than a 10 lb. weight loss each year. And oddly enough, a 10 lb. weight gain each year is what the average American experiences.

However, this technology isn’t going anywhere, and throwing out all our appliances is unrealistic.  So what else can we do to prevent that yearly 10 lb. weight gain?

Take the stairs: Walking up stairs burns three times the calories as taking the elevator.

Walk to work (if possible): For you city dwellers, try walking to work even just once a week.  Walking for one hour burns about 200 calories; that may not seem like much, but over time it adds up and can get your just a little closer to your weight loss goals.

Park farther away from destination: Avoid the closest parking spaces to the grocery store or Target. Park as far away as possible and walk the extra way.


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  • This is a great, informative, and not very surprising post. Since I’ve started working at an internship where I’m at my computer for at least 6 hours a day, I’ve started trying to figure out other ways to get in some exercise that I wouldn’t normally think about. I jog up the steps out of the train station (71 steps, I’ve counted!) instead of cramming onto the escalator, then walk briskly to my office (about 10 minutes each way). Now that it’s warmed up a bit, I’ve started going out for a walk after dinner, just to warm up my muscles and loosen my joints after a day at the office. I haven’t noticed a big difference in my weight/energy, but I know it feels good in the moment!

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