Kat Von D: Her Heartbreak and Tattoos

Kat Von D has split from her reality star boyfriend Jesse James for a second time.  Kat has gained celebrity for being the star of the reality TV series LA Ink in which she not only tattoos the clients, but also runs the store completely.  Kat Von D has a large collection of tattoos, many of which can be seen on her official website.

Maybe watching the show and seeing Kat Von D exude sexuality has influenced you to get a tattoo yourself; but be forewarned: not everyone has a good reaction to tattoo ink.  Research compared past studies on allergic reactions to tattoo ink and chemicals found within the ink. They found that allergic reactions from tattoos were not uncommon, but were rare from India ink and blue azure ink, as well as pure henna. When brighter colors like red (containing cinnabar) or yellow (containing cadmium) were used, or additives like aluminum or silicon were mixed with the ink, there was a higher chance of having an allergic reaction.

An allergic reaction might mean just redness or itching, but it can also involve ulcer-causing skin peeling.

So what should you do to reduce your risk of an adverse reaction?

  • Do a patch test.
  • Use less diluted inks.
  • Go to an experienced tattoo artist.
  • Protect your tattoo from direct sunlight.

If you have an allergic reaction check with your doctor who might provide steroids or oral antihistamines to treat your reaction; in severe cases the tattoo might have to be removed. Be aware that allergies are not the only problem that tattoos can cause. Other complications can include skin infections, bumps or scarring, or blood-borne diseases.

We’re not suggesting that you should give up your dream of the perfect tattoo. But be smart about it, do your research, find a clean, well-reviewed tattoo parlor, and make sure you know what the artist is putting into your skin.

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