Is Colon Cleansing Dangerous?

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Celebrities endorse it, naturopathics swear by it, but the practice of colon cleansing may be more then your gastrointestinal system bargained for.  A recent review article, looking at two case studies demonstrated the dangers associated with this ancient practice.

Colon cleansing is a practice whereby water is pumped into the rectum via a tube.  Various other herbal compounds may be added to the water to enhance the effects of the cleanse.  It can be self administered or done by a “colonic hygienist” (whom are not licensed practitioners).  The basic premise is that the herbal water mixture will flush toxins, which are poisoning the body, out of the colon and one will be healthier.  According to the authors of the review article, these colonic cleanses are anything but a means to a healthy end.  The dangers associated are not to be ignored and can even lead to death.  The most common symptoms which lead to hospitalization include electrolyte imbalances and renal failure.

We are always searching for the quick fix to a healthier body.  Colon cleansing has made a resurgence recently, but at what cost?  Our bodies, when allowed, and treated properly, work very efficiently.  Translation: your body is good at releasing toxins, and cleaning itself naturally.Why not try an even more natural way to cleanse the body of toxins, fiber.  It is recommended that healthy men and women get 25 grams of fiber a day.  Add a little flax seed to your yogurt, or switch to whole grain bread and you’ll be on your way to a less toxic you.

That said, before you dump your cash down the drain, watch out for the “cleansing” scams.

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  • The vital point given here is cleansing should be done in a natural way. Your body respond according to what you eat, henceforth, when you eat food rich in fiber, there is no need for that “cleansing” scheme.

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