Green Tea Helps Your Skin Stay Younger

green tea

Scientists claim there are some very useful molecules floating around in a cup of green tea. Some help fight cancer; others help fight inflammation or act as antioxidants. One study even suggests that it contains substances that might improve the elastic content of your skin. Since skin that is elastic wrinkles less than non-elastic skin, you may want to check this out.

Researchers divided 40 women with moderately aged skin into two groups. One took green tea supplements and applied cleanser, sunscreen and a cream of green tea extracts to their arms and face. The other group applied the same cleanser and sunscreen but were given placebos in place of green tea products.

After two months, all 40 women were examined by a physician and biopsy samples of their skin were taken. The encouraging news was a significant improvement in the content of skin elastic tissue. The control group’s skin aged a bit while the green tea group’s skin improved.

The bad news is the change wasn’t enough to produce a noticeable improvement in appearance. But, by tweaking the treatment and with further study, it’s possible the improved elasticity might someday lead to noticeably smoother, younger skin. The researchers will have to improve their green tea extract, however, since some subjects said it was irritating and dried their skin.

It’s not clear if the supplements or the extract, or both, contributed to the improved elasticity. And a longer study would provide a better indication of the potential cosmetic benefits of green tea.

In the meantime, keep gulping green tea. It may help fight gum disease, boost your workouts, contribute to weight loss and perhaps, counteract at least one aspect of aging.

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