Flu Vaccine Readily Available This Season, Officials Hope Most Get It

The flu vaccine in years past has been in short supply, but this year officials are promising plentiful supplies and no shortages of the flu vaccine. Flu season is just starting with the arrival of fall, so now”s the time to go and get your flu vaccine. Everyone older than 6 months is encouraged to get the vaccine, with those at high risk of flu complications such as pregnant women, children younger than 5 — especially those who are 2 and younger — people who are 50 and older, people of any age with a chronic health condition, and those living and working in nursing homes, hospitals and day care centers. The CDC warns, “Vaccination before December is best since this timing ensures that protective antibodies are in place before flu activity is typically at its highest.” Visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services flu website for a list of places to get the flu vaccine. Also national chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreen”s offer seasonal flu vaccines at most locations.

So what are some other way to avoid the dreaded flu? Here are some suggestions on how to steer clear:

  1. Don’t touch your face with your hands.
  2. Wash your hands frequently.
  3. The virus could potentially hide in mucus membranes. The best way to keep your nostrils clear is by using a neti pot, which not only will keep foreign bacteria out of your nose, it will help improve your overall sinus health.
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