Stroller Workouts: Get in Shape, Bond with Baby

Moms, are you wondering how you’re going to lose that baby weight when you don’t have time to do anything, let alone exercise? There may be hope. Stroller workouts, a new fitness trend, may be just the ticket to an effective workout that will burn calories and fat while providing bonding time with baby and other moms. Sounds ideal to keep your little one within arm”s reach while you get in shape? A recent study put stroller workouts to the test to determine just how beneficial this exercise fad is in burning calories and promoting weight loss.

The study examined 15 volunteers who performed a treadmill workout with a stroller weighing 35 lbs. Researchers measured the number of calories burned and oxygen exhaled. The study found that the workout was more intense and more calories were burned when walking was combined with stroller pushing than with just walking alone. In fact, pushing that little bundle of joy may be more effective than you think. The study suggests that stroller workouts can burn a whopping 372 to 444 calories per hour, similar to the calories burned riding a bike or mowing the lawn. For the most effective and comfortable workout, select a stroller with three fixed wheels that have a minimum of 16-inch diameter each. And for optimum baby safety, experts recommend a stroller with a padded five-point safety harness and a reclining seat, especially for babies under six months.

Capitalizing on the stroller as the ultimate portable exercise machine, new stroller workout franchises are popping up across the country. And stroller workouts may not only help maximize health and fitness, they also provide bonding time for moms to come together and share the joys and challenges of motherhood. What could be better than that?


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