Exercise Benefits Trick: Burn More Calories with 45 Minutes a Day

Burn calories while you rest. A new study suggests that exercising can help burn calories throughout the day. Okay, that’s not news, but it also found that exercising for 45 minutes can help burn calories is the magic exercise time. If you exercise for 45 minutes everyday even if you sit in a cubicle all day and only get up to look out the window every two hours, your body is still working harder at burning those calories.

The researchers asked 10 men to exercise for 45 minutes, then asked them to remain inactive for the rest of the day. On “rest days” they were required to just sit all day. Seriously, they put them in sealed boxes, measured their oxygen intake, measured their calories burned, had them sit and do absolutely nothing.

They found that, on average, the men burned an extra 190 calories on exercise days than on rest days. The body used more calories on exercise days for up to 14 hours after exercising, for a total of 760 calories burned on average during exercise days.

To successfully lose weight you need a well thought out diet and exercise plan. This study shows that vigorous exercise can keep you burning calories throughout the day, which is always helpful when trying to keep the weight off. Working out isn’t just good for the body, other studies shows that it reduces anxiety, helps with age-related cognitive impairments as well as helps relieve depression.

Endurance training, or high-intensity interval training, involves switching between different speeds of exercising. Scientists found remarkable, positive results in people who exercised at varying paces. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, and maximize the efficiency of your workout interval training may be for you.

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