Victoria Beckham: Diet Coke & Pregnancy Don’t Mix

The former Spice Girl is expecting her first baby girl with hunky husband David Beckham. Known for her small frame, women everywhere wonder how this celebrity mom stays so tiny. Rumor has it Victoria Beckham loves her Diet Coke.  We hope that this self-proclaimed Diet Coke addict, has kicked her obsession now that she’s expecting. Being pregnant in 2011 seems more complicated than ever, with the list of food “no-nos” getting longer. However, as we reported a recent Danish study suggests that you should also add diet soda to your list of unacceptable indulgences.

The researchers surveyed nearly 60,000 women at the midpoint of their pregnancy about their eating habits. They found that the women who drank one artificially sweetened (carbonated and non-carbonated) beverage daily were 38 percent more likely to give birth prematurely than women who didn’t drink these beverages.  What’s more astounding is that drinking more than four servings of artificially sweetened beverages led to a 78 percent increased risk of preterm delivery. The researchers didn’t adjust their results to accommodate the fact that more than 12% of pregnancies result in preterm birth and didn’t point fingers at any one sweetener. Either way other studies have shown that all artificially sweetened beverages have been linked to elevated blood pressure, type-2 diabetes risk, and obese weight status, all of which can lead to more unwanted pregnancy complications.

Pregnant or not, women in particular should be wary of downing diet cokes all day. First, there more and more evidence suggesting that diet drinks do not help with weight loss. Plus, there is a growing body of evidence that drinking diet sodas could both regular and diet cola, far from being an innocent indulgence, appear to be more harmful than neutral, particularly for women and girls. A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women, but not men, who drank cola of any type on a daily basis (diet or regular) had significantly lower bone mineral density (about 4 to 5 percent lower) in their hips compared to women who drank cola less than once per month. The researchers suggested that the observed effect of diet and regular colas on bone mineral density compared to other carbonated beverages was likely due to the content of phosphoric acid in cola and/or possibly some unidentified compounds present in cola extract.

Let’s hope Mommy Spice gave up the Diet Coke.

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  • While I understand the studies and I do believe that for some people, they are true. In this case, however, I drink diet sodas frequently now as well as in both of my pregnancies. My daughter was born 10 days late and my son right on his due date, bot naturally. I just really urge people to read up on “recent studies”, but to also do what they feel is best for their own bodies, not because it said so in a news article.

  • If you can use cola to clean the battery terminals of your car, that in itself ought to tell you something! Sodas are no good!

  • This article needs proofreading. The following sentence doesn’t make sense:

    “Plus, there is a growing body of evidence that drinking diet sodas could both regular and diet cola, far from being an innocent indulgence, appear to be more harmful than neutral, particularly for women and girls.”


  • I wonder if they took into account the fact that diabetic ladies tend to have pre-term deliveries, and that diabetic ladies DRINK DIET soda. I wonder what the numbers would look like if they took that into account. I didnt drink diet pop with my first for fear of aspartame (they said it could harm the baby). he was right on his due date. My second, I drank splenda (he was 1 week late). My third, I drank aspertame and splenda. He was also a due date baby. I hate when they say “its the diet pop’s fault!) but dont look into why people are drinking it, which is probably the actual cause vs what they were drinking.

  • @anklebyterzmama

    Pregnancy aside, if anyone feels that drinking soda, diet or otherwise, “is best for their own bodies”, they need to spend far less time watching coke and pepsi commercials

  • Aspartine which is present id diet sodas cause all kinds of health problems. A pregnant person and mother should know this and definetely no consume this poison. There are also other additives in diet pop that actually make you eat more, so I dont think thats the real reason shes underweight.

  • Oh! That’s horrible thing! Diet coke is not good when you are pregnant, God! Sodas gains more weight because it has an ingredients that are not good for the body.

  • Aspartame is a deadly neurotoxin.  It is found in over 6000 products worldwide, with names such as Equal and Nutrasweet and in most so called ‘diet’ sodas.  It breaks down to formaldehyde in your body and is directly absorbed into the brain. 
    The most common aspartame symptoms include headaches, dizziness, poor balance, vomiting or nausea, abdominal pain or cramps, change in vision, diarrhea, memory loss, fatigue and other neurological symptoms. The 50% phenylalanine in aspartame lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin, and can trigger bipolar or manic depression, mood swings, paranoia, hallucination and suicidal tendencies. Aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen, can trigger male sexual dysfunction and birth defects, and is particularly dangerous for the fetus in the womb.
    Aspartame exposure can mimic and precipitate multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and lupus. It can make epilepsy worse and can cause chemical hypersensitivity. An FDA report admits to 92 symptoms including death.
    Read labels.  Stop putting your faith in companies that are only out to make a profit.  If you aren’t eating organic foods then you are poisoning yourself and your children.  Doing so is as selfish as smoking and probably worse.  The food I see in some parent’s shopping carts is so disheartening.  Either they don’t know that they are feeding their children crap – which makes them ignorant – or they don’t care, which makes them bad parents.   Parents and parents alone are responsible for the rate of childhood obesity and diabetes in this country.   We feed our children garbage, vaccinate them to death (more neurotoxins), and then load them up with meds when they – surprise, surprise – suddenly have behavioral disorders.  When is the insanity going to stop?  It starts with you.  So READ THE DAMN LABEL PEOPLE.  Your children and your families are counting on you.

  •  @itsthechemicalsstupid yeah, well… give all of us  the money to buy organic food and then the world will be such a better place 🙂

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