Next Stop, Flu Shot: Do Public Transit Riders Catch More Colds?

Riding the bus is healthier for the environment, but is it healthy for you?  A recent study found that people who take public transportation were indeed slightly more risk for getting the flu. However, riding the bus frequently helps toughen up your immune system.

The data revealed that bus and tram riders were only marginally more likely to become infected with the flu. Interestingly they found, passengers who routinely used public transportation were a bit less susceptible to illness than less frequent riders.  Presumably, their frequent exposure to germs on the bus contributes to a heightened immunity.

Considering the study shows only a minor increase, this news shouldn’t scare anyone into skipping the subway.  Rather than foregoing the cost-effectiveness, convenience, and eco-friendly benefits of public transportation, passengers might consider getting an annual flu shot.  Regardless, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly wash your hands after being in close contact with people.  You might have to share a seat with a sniffling stranger, but that doesn’t mean you have to her illness, too.


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