Hello? Radiation Can You Hear Me Now

The iPad 2 international launch had some Australian Mac fans waiting in lines more 53 hours. With all our fancy gadgets keeping us “magically” online all day every day, we may be avoiding one really big scary question. Are we overexposing ourselves to radiation?  In a very unofficial YouTube video a child tested  his iPad for radiation levels, and it seemed relatively low. However, there are not many studies done examining the effects of all this radiation exposure. One study from Holland “showed that trees that were planted in close proximity to a wireless router suffered from damaged bark and dying leaves.”

More importantly, with all the hours so many of us log on our cell phones, there is the nagging question: Does cell phone use harm the brain? It’s a good question to ask since there are reportedly almost 5 billion cell phone users on the planet.

A recent study joined all the other recent experiments that haven’t been able to determine if your iPhone or Android causes brain damage. The study built on earlier findings that brain activity can be measured by the amount of sugar metabolism in various sections. To determine if cell phone use could alter glucose use and metabolism, 47 healthy volunteers sat in a chair and were asked to cover each ear with a cell phone with the help of a muffler. The volunteers underwent two 50-minute brain scans, one with the right cell phone switched on and the other with both phones turned off.

The scans found higher levels of sugar metabolism in the parts of the brain closest to the cell phone’s antenna when the phone was turned on. The parts of the brain that took in the maximum amount of radio waves also showed the highest amount of glucose use. But is that harmful to us? The best answer from the researchers? Not sure.

The study’s authors said they don’t know why the exposed brain area used more glucose than other areas, but they speculated that it could be due to nerves in the region becoming stimulated. They concluded that more long-term studies were needed to determine if the increased glucose metabolism would cause brain damage. They said that cell phone use could not “be condemned to cause harm to the brain” until there was more evidence.

So, don’t panic and ban cell phones from your house quite yet. But hey, it’s another reason why using that hands-free device is a good idea.

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