Allergy Sufferers, This Natural Remedy Beats Allegra

For some who suffer from seasonal allergies, the drugs that are supposed to help can be almost as annoying as the allergy symptoms themselves. Fortunately, promising research has emerged that demonstrates a natural remedy may be successful at treating allergies. People with allergic rhinitis found taking doses of a butterbur plant to be as helpful as fexofenadine (Allegra).

Allergic rhinitis results in nasal congestion, which can lead to mild breathing problems. Most commonly, doctors prescribe Allegra to treat these symptoms. However, scientists have found that butterbur, a flowering plant that grows in moist climates, treats allergic rhinitis as well. Patients scored both substances comparably in increasing the airflow in their stuffy noses.

While more research will need to be conducted before we can replace fexofenadine altogether, if the results hold in repeated larger studies, scientists might have found a legitimate herbal alternative for people suffering from allergies. After all, if Mother Nature is going to insist on spreading pollen that causes these allergies in the first place, the least she can do is also provide a solution for this problem as well.

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  • On trouve un autre produit l’Aloe Vera que j’utilise en crème et en boisson .Elle est très bonne pour renforcer le système immunitaire.Entre autres elle fait disparaître les allergies.

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