Weight Loss Blues: Top 5 Weight Loss Scams

Weight loss drugs, gastric bypass surgery and fad diets are always making the news. Even though the FDA has not approved the weight loss drug QNEXA, manufactured by Vivus, stock shares rose by almost 10 percent today. Why? The stock market knows we love quick-fix pill popping solutions. Everyone is looking for that magic bullet when it comes to losing weight and looking your absolute best.  While some products and supplements may work wonders for your midsection, there are plenty out there that will leave you high and dry.  The following fads may be harmful to not only our health, but your wallet.

1. Ab-belt: You’re up late at night and you start to seriously contemplate ordering one of those ab-sculpting electric gizmos? These portable padded devices fit around your waist, a switch is thrown and an electrical current supposedly zaps the fat right away within minutes. They simply don’t work, the electrical stimulation are not enough to help you lose weight.

2. HCG is also used as a drug to treat infertility. But what does all this have to do with weight loss? That’s the problem — not much. Studies have shown the hormone has no benefit for weight loss and such a restrictive diet may lead to nutritional deficiencies.

3. The Cabbage Soup Diet starts with a strict regimen of just cabbage, fruit and non-starchy vegetables, and as the week progresses you get to add some beef and skim milk to the mix. Of course when you cut out three of the five food groups from your diet, you will lose weight.  Unless you have a magic metabolism that can survive without adequate levels of protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, B-vitamins and minerals for an extended period of time, staying on this diet for more than a week could be downright harmful to your health.

4.The Alkaline Diet Proponents of the alkaline diet believe that eating primarily “alkaline-producing” foods, such as vegetables and fruit, promotes fat loss, whereas eating a diet heavy in “acid-producing” foods such as meat, eggs, dairy and grains, promotes weight gain.  While it’s hard to argue with a diet rich in low-calorie fruits and vegetables and lower in higher-calorie animal products as a healthy way to promote weight loss, at present, there is no credible scientific research to substantiate any claims around the “alkalinity” or “acidity” of these foods as being the contributing factors. Our diet cannot by definition have a significant impact on the pH level of our blood and cells because of the presence of these important regulatory mechanisms, making the exclusion of grains, dairy and egg unnecessary.

5. Diet Sweeteners You may think you are saving calories by switching to a low-calorie diet drink, however, research suggests artificial sweeteners can trick our brains into wanting more sweets and make us hungrier with their empty sugarless calories. As nutritionist  Tamara Duker Freuman explains,”because this sweet taste is not accompanied by the calories (energy) our brain expects it to be, the complex systems our bodies have to regulate energy balance may be thrown off kilter.  The result is that a diet high in artificial sweeteners may possibly, over time, cause people to seek out more calories from other sources in order to satisfy the cravings that sweet — but calorically empty — foods create.”

We know you may want to fit into those skinny jeans or get that bikini body fast, but these fad diets are not the answer.  Proper diet and exercise are the best ways.


  • The alkaline diet will work because it emphasizes high fiber, low calorie fruits and veggies, and plays down the fatty meats and eggs. Most grains come in processed forms, and I’ll lay money down that whole grains are considered less “acidic” than refined. The rationalization may be wrong, but more fruits and veggies (and who gets the 5 daily servings recommended by USDA anyway?) and less meat works (most of get us way more than the 1-2 4 ounce serving the USDA recommend). Grains? You’re gonna eat some, and whole grains are really good for you, and you’ve probably been eating way too much of the refined stuff.

    Actually, all of us are probably eating way too much, period. Smaller meals, Americans are socialized to stuff ourselves (and then feel guilty about the calories).

    You guys also might have talked about how starting a diet regime without exercise sets the dieter up for a metabolic drop, and how over exercising while strictly dieting can ALSO lead to metabolic drop. Overly harsh, inflexible diet and exercise plans cause trouble, too.

    Be nice to yourself, eat healthy, exercise to feel good, and with any luck some weight will come off. But shouldn’t the real goal be to feel better, live healthier and do more instead of conforming to a idea of what size we “should” be? You can be fit and healthy at any size!

  • I don’t have a clue as to why anyone would think that an article with this sentence should be trusted for any information:

    “Even thought thee FDA has not approved the weight loss drug QNEXA, manufactured by Vivus, but the stock shares rose by almost 10 percent today.”

  • For almost two years, I have been using an oral restrictive device made from floss to help me lose weight and now keep it off. It allows me to slow down and reduce how much I eat. It also helps me resist when temptation to put something im my mouth is great.

    People can try it with any floss thay have on hand to see how it feels and what kind of control it gives them. Although there is a method how it’s applied and what kind of floss to use in The Floss Diet book. For people who are skeptical their floss will suffice. There is a little trick to hitching the upper and lower molars and once learned it takes only few seconds to apply, and most importantly, it is not visible to anyone so you can wear it all day or only during the times of the day when one has the most difficult time regulating food intake.

  • i been taking herbalife shakes once a meal per day plus i will eat tuna and chicken mostly all week i dont exercise just only what i do at work. Im doing portion control with house meals and drinking cold green tea once a day and water only. I do like to drink so when i drink i usually eat very little and drink alot of water (before and after). One day out of the whole week usually the weekend in one meal only i will eat double meat cheeseburger with fries or pizza (treat myself). Im a stocky guy and weigh about 240 im now about 228 and this is in three weeks, hardly exercise( doesnt mean i shouldnt do) Tips i also take multivitamins plus i look at nutritional facts in restaurants.

  • Xyngular is another great “diet”!! I say it in quotations because its not a diet as much as its a lifestyle change. We offer tablets, juices, protein shakes, food sprinkles, weight-loss programs, etc. ALl of our products have 100% all natural ingredients and are on the FDA’s safe-list of ingredients. Our products were developed by doctors and licensed nutritionists and dietians and have been clinically tested and proven to work. We even offer a 100% 30-day, empty box money back guarantee! Just goes to show how confident we are you will love our products. if you would like more information and how to order, please contact me. bmahu0817@yahoo.com

  • I keep thinking some day will be different but…yes you are right they do work but a person cannot stop working out and eating right indefinetely. You have to be consistant and do it every day if you are at least my age. I tried exercising, ( I ‘m 56 years old) making what I call ‘muscle Jack McLean pull offs’ excercises which involves just tightening of the primary muscles like Pilates. I then tried eating much less, proper diet and mostly walking daily and when I can repetitive moving arms and legs exercise since my physique won’t allow much. Ang guess what? I lose about the same at least 20 pounds. In a year time I have lost at least 30 pounds doing what you advised: proper diet and exercise. I have also physical problems such as chronic arthritis, debilitating muscle pain, chronic back pain form disc disease, foot pain from plantar fascitis and tendonitis and other illneses. My back hurt so much that I have to stop the exercise after couple of weeks , I can’t take it anymore! So what happpens then? I weight myself and this is continuing eating the same diet foods no starchy foods or greasy. My weight goes back to what it was before I started and then some. How do you explain that? Just saying………………

  • @betty Betty,

    If your having pains such as arthritis and other muscle-related pains. I have something that you may be interested in. I suffer from carpo-tunnel syndrom myself, so I know how you feel. We also offer health and wellnes products proven to help in these areas and many others. I know diabetics that are taking our products that their doctors are amazed at how well theire A1C levels are and are advising them to either stop or lessen the insulin injections! One of my business partners using our products has lost so much and weight and improved his overall health so much that his doctor took him off all his blood pressure and heart medications! We are truly changing lives everyday! if you dont have your health, then you dont have anything and nothing else matters, right? If you want to email me your number or just your email, I would love to talk more about how I can help you. bmahu0817@yahoo.com


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