Want to Get Married Ladies? Move to a Place With More Men

Looking to get married but it never seems to happen for you? Are all the good ones taken? Then pack your bags and move to a place where there are a ton of guys and you’ll get snapped right up. A recent study found that a determining factor in marriage was how many women there were in a given area compared to men. If there were more men than women the women tended to get married earlier, whereas if there were more women than men women tend to get married later.

Where males had to compete to get a females, young ladies had more relationship bargaining power and got commitment from men earlier in their life. But scarcity of females did not have an impact on the age that men got married. The study stated that men look for young, attractive mates and women look for a mate with a more secure socioeconomic status, which usually takes time to acquire. Another study found that more women, especially those who have money of their own, are starting to favor good looks over wealth, possibly evening out the playing field.

So if you are looking for a man the Midwest and the West Coast are the places to be according to this map. But be careful, marrying early is not always a good thing. Couples that get married younger tend to have a higher rate of divorce than those that wait to tie the knot.

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  • Why are women always being urged by all these eager media reports to “marry a man”? I’m a woman and I live in New York City – where, according to the media, men are marriage-shy and the odds are against single females. First, that’s false: men here if anything are aggressive about chasing us and bring up marriage or kids on the first date, which scares me out of a date fast. People pair up here all the time; it’s a very couple-friendly city. Yet the media, which is largely based here, uses the jaded commentary of a few wealthy upper-class Ashkenazis fighting over the last single male doctor to judge our entire city by. I’m a Sephardic Jew and this is wrong, wrong, wrong. I date all kinds of men, not just dishy tribe docs and esqs – and men are chasing US down, not the opposite.

    The fact is, marriage was invented by men, not women. Look at the bait it tosses out to “catch” us women: someone, I suspect our gay male brothers, hoping for snog time in exchange for their valuable spy comments, finked to straight men that women like a) sweet food (white fluffy wedding cake – check), b) beautiful dresses that make us look like “princesses” (wedding gown – check), c) a day where all our lady friends are envious and we get to be the belle of the ball (the entire wedding construct right down to relegating competition to our “bridesmaids”), and d) jewelry (wedding ring – check). Men brewed all this together and offer it in exchange for us selling our freedom away to become their personal slaves: private chef, private whore, private maid, private nurse, private counselor, and private mom, all rolled into one – this is what “wife” means to men and what “marriage” gets them – and you media guys are going to lie to US claiming WE want the wedding?

    Time to quit this lie once and for all. Men are EAGER to marry once a) they finally wear that last burst of testosterone out on the last empty-headed single girl they snagged at the club with their Axe body spray and cheap lines, b) they no longer compete lookswise and their buds clue them in on it, c) they no longer compete lookswise and a succession of women brutally clue them in on it, or d) they see how content, fat and lazy their married wolfpack buddies are. Marriage is designed for men and not women. Men benefit 100% from it and women lose everything: our youth, our bodies, our thoughts, our sayso and our freedom. Yet you guys keep peddling the b.s. we’re the ones doing the chasing to get something men don’t like and we want.

    Stop it.

    If you don’t believe men benefit from marriage and that women do, answer this:

    Why is it men generally don’t achieve very much in their chosen careers unless there is a wife in their life they can regularly siphon life-force off? Men are energy parasites; a less kind term is vampires. Look at the most successful men in America then notice how many ex-wives they have. There is an absolute relationship between the two factors.

    Then notice how women who become successful generally do it alone. The further we keep men from our lives — and I say this as a woman who likes men and doesn’t mind dating them so long as they go home to their own houses after — the better-off, generally, we do in career and life.

    Men not so much.

    And they know this.

    And that’s why they marry, to get all the cream and the goodies that will make them successful so they can toss the used-up ex-wife on the heap and trade up to an always younger model — because the younger she is, the more life-force she has to be sucked dry. Bathory’s got nothing on Trump and Scorsese.

    So stop lying that we want marriage.

    We don’t.

  • As a 24 year old male, I find your statements to be completely untrue JewishManhattanGirl. The last three girls I’ve dated have all asked me to propose to them in 6 months or less because they wanted to be engaged before they turned 27. I don’t know about the dressing up, blowing money on weddings, or making a “special day” but I, along with most men around my age, seem to get the feeling that it is our responsibility to propose to a girl by a certain age.

    I’ve lived in Manhattan and found that women are equally as likely to bring up the topic of children on a first date, sometimes before we had even ordered food. I think the fast-paced lifestyle encourages people to be very direct, and not “waste each others’ time,” so to speak. Being very upfront about your future goals is an easy way to do this.

    Judging by your comments, it seems pretty apparent you don’t value having a husband the same way as others. That is fine, but I don’t think your generalizations apply to the majority of 25+ year old women.

  • Jewish Manhattan Girl, I enjoyed your piece, but I don’t think it is true. Men and women both suffer from bad marriages, and each gender has it’s own motives, strategies, and tactics in relating to each other and their constraints in life.

  • Jewish Manhattan Girl, you are so right. As a divorced woman in her sixties, I enjoy dating but have no desire to remarry or even have an exclusive relationship. As you said, men are draining…I don’t even like having to serve them more than a snack or launder the linens at this point in my life! Best to enjoy their company, have fun, and send them home sooner rather than later to their own place. The worst is men who want to “spend the whole day” with me, want to “take their time” and loll around here…No! No! I don’t have the time or the interest and after a couple of hours I already want to be alone to tidy up the place, read, make myself a meal, etc.. Guys, you are short-term enjoyable company and none of you is that fab that I want to be your exclusive “girlfriend”–sorry.

  • Something tells me we have some angry, male-hating jewesses on this board (surprise, surprise). the more I am around the kikes, the more I understand why the germans marched them to the gas chambers 3 generations’ ago. A jewess is like a diaper: always on your ass, and always full of shit

  • @JewishManhattanGirl68

    somebody is angry. Dear jewess: is it that time of month? Did you not suck enough money out of your ex? the money-lending business gone sour? Having pedophile-like urges? There is always something eating at a jewess – which is why I urge our muslim brothers to deal with them in the approved fashion.

  • @Stephanie S

    honey, you ain;t worth the bother. A guy can find something younger and tastier than you whenever he wants it; you’re yesterday’s moldering jewish news and you know it. Once a woman hits her late 30s, her options start to diminish because most men don’t want a wrinkled old prune that smells like tuna. You’re bitter because the door is closing for you while it opens up for men.

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