Want a Better Relationship With Your Teen? Play Video Games

Hey Dads, looking for a good reason to play more video games and not catch grief from your wife for it? Just co-play with your daughter. A new study suggests that by sharing the video game experience with your teenage daughter, you’re actually improving your relationship with her and boosting her self-esteem. That’s right Mom and Dad, instead of restricting the amount of time you let your teen play video games, perhaps you should just join them.

The study found parents who spent quality one-on-one time with their adolescents playing video games enjoyed more open lines of communication with their kids. In particular, this was found with teenage daughters. This may be good news for parents who are struggling to figure out ways to connect with their teens.

Of course, the type of video games your kids play may make a difference in the mood of the household. The study also found that adolescent boys who played games that were not appropriate for their age were more stressed out and aggressive. Unfortunately, for most parents those are the exact games that teen boys want to play the most. However, those games could be negatively impacting your already moody teenage son’s mood even more.

The proof? Playing violent video games even affects the mood of grown men. Another study published recently suggests violent video games could encourage aggressive behavior in men up to 24 hours after they played the game. On the flip side, the same study found that women’s mood were not affected as dramatically after playing the same violent types of games.

The communication gap that arises between a parent and a teen, surprisingly made smaller with video games.

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