Tuvalu Experiences an H2-Uh-Oh

Tuvalu, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, is undergoing a major crisis, and it all has to do with water. The government is concerned that it will run out of drinkable water as soon as tomorrow reports the Daily Telegraph.

Without a proper rainfall in more than half a year, Tuvalu just doesn’t have the resources to hydrate its population. Forecasters predict that it still may be months before new rainfall occurs. In addition to the lengthy drought, some of Tuvalu’s desalination plants have broken. Desalination plants are used to turn the ocean water into potable water, and without these resources working, many people will be without something to drink.

A lack of water has already been blamed for the deaths of many animals of Tuvalu and the fear is that the 10,000 people living on the island could face similar trouble soon. Tuvalu has already asked the United Nations to take global warming more seriously as their nation’s survival is especially threatened by climate change.

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