Top Healthy Cereals For Kids

No doubt about it, kids like sugar.  But, which sweetened breakfast cereals will make your kids smile without giving them a sugar high?  A recent study suggests that kids definitely eat lots more cereal if it’s the sugary kind. However, the study also found children actually do enjoy low-sugar cereals too, and they eat more reasonably-sized portions of healthier cereals. Plus, the kids that ate the healthy cereal were more likely to request adding extra fruit, which is a great source of vitamins and fiber. Even sprinkling low-sugar, high-fiber breakfast cereals with sugar won’t destroy your healthy intentions.

Cereals to Buy

You can cheer about cereals like Honey Nut and regular Cheerios (General Mills), Life (Quaker Oats), and Kix (General Mills).  They’re top-rated by Consumer Reports because they are low in sugar and sodium, and high in fiber.  They won’t cause your child’s blood sugar to sky-rocket and are more likely to keep them full until lunchtime.

Cereals to Avoid

You wouldn’t serve your children sugary treats like brownies or cake for breakfast, right?  So, don’t fill your pantry with cereals like Honey Smacks (Kelloggs), Corn Pops (Kelloggs), and Golden Crisp (Post) – they’re more than 50% sugar by weight!

The Bottom Line:

It’s better to add fruit and a (small) spoonful of sugar to cheer up your kid’s Cheerios than to pretend that Kelloggs Froot Loops contain fruit. Don’t let the cartoon character on the box fool you.

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