The Culprit Behind Your Cluster Headaches

Bad news, party animals: alcohol may be giving you more than just a next-day hangover — it can also cause cluster headaches.  The way some people are genetically coded to break down alcohol may be causing their  headaches.

You’re probably not going to get tested for this gene but you could do your own little experiment. The next time the cluster headaches attack, try cutting out all alcohol and see how you feel. If your headaches dissipate, it’s possible that you have the gene and you’ll want to cut out alcohol completely, especially during the attacks. The good news is that by doing this you might be able to prevent or lessen cluster headaches without the need for drugs.

Listen, you may not want to give up your favorite glass of wine, but if you want to cure your headaches it may be your only choice. Plus, you might be getting some added benefits, since alcohol consumption may increase your risk for breast cancer and may interfere with a good night’s sleep.

FYI Alcohol Free Drink Ideas: Here are some non-alcoholic drinks for a virgin happy hour so no one will suspect you aren’t drinking at the party.

• Seltzer with any juice
• Virgin versions of most cocktails, such as mojitos or margaritas
• Arnold Palmer (lemonade and iced tea)
• Sparkling teas, such as Golden Star ( that has a champagne-like taste
• Sparkling juices, such as sparkling apple cider
Cheers to no more headaches!
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