Romance 2011: “Sexting” and Internet Cheating

With the help of the Internet and “sexting,” online infidelity on the rise.  A recent online study was done to look at men and women’s behaviors when it comes to cheating via the web and “sexting.”  (Sexting is when a male or female sends nude pictures and/or dirty texts to another person.)  Sexting has become a phenomenon that is affecting not only adult relationships but also teenagers.

The study was conducted through the website (a website that encourages extramarital affairs).  The participants were self-selected and answered 68 questions about why they were on the site, to what extent did they use it and whether they actually engaged with those they found on the site.  What the study found was both sexes were looking for sexual partners online outside of their marriages because online there is a seeming lack of consequences.  However, both sexes still prefer real life affairs to online ones and 66 percent of these respondents were looking for purely sexual relationships.

When we look at both of the sexes individually, men were more likely than women to not leave trails of their online infidelity for fear of being caught by their partners.  Older men, regardless of whether they had cybersex were more likely to cheat than younger men. Women, especially those unmarried under 40 were “sexting” 1.5 times more than the men surveyed and were more likely to meet face-to-face with someone they met online than their male counterparts.

What this study is showing us is that there has been a shift in how individuals seek partners, either for romantic purposes or sexual; more often people are turning to the Internet for help.  The researchers acknowledge that not all of their respondents were in marriages and by just surveying users of, a conclusion about general societies tendency toward infidelity could not be made.  In the end, it was noted that we (as a society) still prefer face-to-face relationships as opposed to virtual ones.

Relationship are hard, no one has ever said that they come without challenges.  Men and women react to stress and problems very differently.  If you have a problem, especially when it involves sexual desires, talk about it with your partner; and, if you’re the one who’s being talked to, be open to what your partner is saying, you’ll be amazed at how far a little listen goes.

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