Retired and Tired? Try This Natural Sleep Remedy

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that you can’t spell the word “retired” without “tired.”  Sleep issues are common in older Americans, with as many as 20 percent experiencing frequent insomnia.  Though many of these people feel helpless, a new study finds a potential solution for sleepless seniors: behavioral therapy.

Behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy that teaches patients to replace unhealthy habits with new, beneficial behaviors.  Researchers have found it to be a useful tool in dealing with night terrors, ADHD and social phobia to name a few.  In the case of insomnia behavioral therapy, a clinician encourages habits like maintaining a consistent time for going to and getting out of bed, eliminating midday naps, and keeping a positive attitude toward sleep in general.

This intervention was surprisingly successful with seniors.  More than half of the older adults who underwent behavioral therapy reported overcoming insomnia.  Even better, those who continued brief sleep-oriented behavioral therapy sessions were able to keep their sleep problems at bay in the months that followed as well.

Behavioral therapy is not only an exciting prospective given its apparent success, but as an alternative to sleep-oriented prescription medications.  In addition to their expensive price tags, pills often lead to abuse and dependency issues.  Fortunately, behavioral therapy appears to be a drug-free method of helping American seniors return to healthy sleep schedules.


  • Try these natural sleep remedies the next time you find yourself tossing and turning at night. Don’t forget to take a look at your sleeping habits, too. You may need to change a few things. Your lifestyle has a lot of impact on the length and quality of sleep that you enjoy every night.  Visit Absolute Essential to find out about our special promotion on natural sleeping remedies. Just visit this site for natural sleeping remedies this might help you with your problem.

  • Sleep remedy can sometimes mean establishing a consistent bedtime routine that helps promote a good night’s sleep. It simply means training the body to be ready for sleep at a specific time, after certain “routines” such as bathing that are timely performed, and to sleep thereafter for a certain number of hours continuously.  Sleep remedies are effective on insomniacs as well as occasional sleepless night sufferers. First of all it is important to relax the mind for a good sleep Visit the Sleep Remedies  site to learn how to overcome the problem..

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