Nirvana’s “Nevermind” Turns 20, Remains as Popular as Ever

Here’s some fun news to make you feel old: Nirvana’s Nevermind is now 20 years old, and it seems to be as popular as ever.  The Seattle rock band, lead by now-deceased rocker Kurt Cobain, first released their album on September 24th, 1991 and effectively changed the face of music in the 90s.  The album had many hits such as “Come As You Are,” “Breed,” and the smash-hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which became the grunge-anthem of Generation X.  It seems that good music can transcend time, as Nevermind was re-released as a four-CD set featuring unreleased recordings, and the music is still holding its own on the charts despite thick competition from Adele and Katy Perry.  A whole new generation is now exposed to the beauty and torment know as Kurt Cobain’s mind.

Cobain, however, was never particularly pleased with the album, stating that the end product was “[…] closer to a Motley Crue record than it is a punk rock record,” according to an interview with journalists Michael Azerrad in the 1993 book Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana.  This new deluxe edition of Nevermind will actually feature rough cuts and earlier tracks of Nirvana songs before the editing process and record producers had an opportunity to skewer Cobain’s original vision.  The deluxe edition of Nevermind should give many fans insight to an enigmatic figure in rock and roll that took his final bow far too early.

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