Lipitor Lowers Cholesterol But Gives Diabetes Pill-Popping Problems

Cholesterol drug Lipitor may cause diabetes. Lipitor has not yet updated their website to include diabetes as a side effect. Don’t worry we have the solution already lined up, another drug! For those that missed the news, the other day it was announced Actos is used to treat diabetes but it may also help prevent diabetes. “When diet and exercise is not enough, Actos is there to help” according to the commercial on the Actos website. The “spokesperson” is an anthropomorphic muscle. How cute. Just like Zoloft has the cute little white cartoon pill mascot, diabetes will have their adorable mascot too. Here’s the thing, Actos was making headlines not too long ago for causing congestive heart failure.

Of course, in our pill-popping obsessed society this is another huge win for a drug company, but the long-term consequences of a population taking so many meds may begin to get scary soon. People are starting on drugs at a younger age and it’s a once-a-day life sentence; not to mention the drugs have side effects. To combat the side effects patients are given even more drugs. And oh wait, those drugs also have side effects too.

What are the side effects of Lipitor? According to their website: “Muscle problems. Lipitor can cause serious muscle problems that can lead to kidney problems, including kidney failure.” My bad, did they say kidney failure? Perfect. Before we forget “Lipitor can cause liver problems. The site recommends that your doctor check you for liver problems while you take Lipitor.”

Whether it’s high cholesterol or diabetes, diet and exercise help. Before you pop a pill, consider making a lifestyle change. It’s hard, it’s long and it’s a commitment, but of all the things you regret in life — a healthy meal and a walk around the block will not make the list.

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  • Statin drugs may also increase risk of liver disease. Lower cholesterol safely and inexpensively with magnesium rich foods like nuts, beans, seeds, green vegetables and dark chocolate. They help reduce risk of diabetes at the same time – bonus!

  • There is no need to use it to reduce cholesterol if it is causing diabetes as a side effect.There are many

    other things you can do to reduce cholesterol.The very first thing to do is avoid some fatty foods in diet.

    This is one of the best way to reduce cholesterol.Thanks for providing such an important information to us.

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