Kim Kardashian Skechers’ Ad: The Toning Sneaker Scam

Kim Kardashian is the new face for Skechers Tone Up Shoes, as part of a new “Shape Up With The Kardashians” program launched by the company.  In the ad, the reality star ditches her trainer in favor of her new sneakers that supposedly help keep her toned without the price of a costly trainer. Do the shoes work? Probably not.

The sexy model probably has a full-scale gym in her house so a $100 pair of sneakers are probably just collecting dust in one of her many walk-in closets.  Not to mention the fact that the tone up shoes don’t really work, according to recent research. Indeed, as we reported earlier, “the two studies examined 12 women and measured their oxygen, energy output and muscle use while wearing toning and regular athletic shoes. The studies found that calories burned and muscles used were not significantly different between the toning and regular shoes. One difference? The toning shoes can actually change the gait of the person wearing the shoes, which the researchers claim could possibly be harmful.”

If anything, the shoes would end up increasing your medical bills before it decreases your waist, like how one woman from Ohio claimed using the toning shoes actually caused her to have  a hip stress fracture due to extended use of the shoe. Make no mistake walking is a great form of exercise, and that’s without the use of overpriced shoes!  If you want to lose weight fast, try interval training.

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