Kevin Federline Procreates Again; Let’s Offer Him Some Advice

Kevin Federline may be a controversial figure, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that that guy should have more kids. Fortunately, Federline has announced the birth of his six-week-old Jordan Kay Federline. Adding the new bundle of joy to the pair of kids he has with his ex-spouse Britney Spears and the pair of kids he has with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, Federline is now the proud, rapping father of five.

The story of how Federline and his current partner Victoria Prince came up with the name Jordan is riveting. KFed told US Weekly that Prince “said that if we were going to have a little girl, she wanted to name her Jordan. And then, we actually thought that it was a boy, but we stuck with the name Jordan because, you know, it fits both ways.” And then she wound up being a girl anyway! Thank goodness for gender-neutral names.

By now, Federline is an old pro with the parenthood thing, but if he is looking for health advice for raising a baby, here are three tips:

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