Unemployment Beats Having a Lousy Job

In America, the percent of the labor force that is unemployed is 8.7 percent.  A recent study is showing the adverse effects unemployment can have on a person.  Overall, the unemployed tended to have higher levels of depression than their employed counterparts.  However, the study also showed that people who go from unemployment to a poor-quality job  are actually more depressed when employed than when unemployed.  The depression can strike whether you have a poor quality job or are struggling to find work, so what can you do to avoid the no-job blues?

  1. Get plenty of sleep.  It’s been shown that people who get a full night’s rest (seven to eight hours a night) are not only more alert but less depressed.
  2. Work out.  Use some of your newly acquired free time to hit the gym.  The endorphin rush that will fill you will make you feel more positive.
  3. Change your diet.  You are what you eat, but what you eat could be affecting you mentally.  Foods rich in vitamin B like spinach, garlic, peppers, cauliflower and turnip greens can have a positive impact on your mood.
  4. Go offline.  You may be scouring Craigslist looking for that perfect job, but there have been links to extended Internet use and a rise in depression.  Getting out in the real world and securing interviews in person might be just what you need.

Remember, just because you have a paycheck doesn’t mean you’ll be happy.  In the words of writer Joseph Campbell, “follow your bliss” and maybe the money will come with it.


  • Those of us who are unemployed would take any job. The problem occurs that when you are laid off and try to collect benefits, your employer showa up with the dream team and you get denied the benefits.

    Now its food stamps, state insurance, eviction, storage of your apartment and waiting for the next hearing. This is done because the emplyer knows how hard it is and they are allowed to get away with behavior (Union or not), that was unheard of years ago.It is so obvious (hey how about those gas proces), that if you really look into the eyes of those who have jobs, its fear and low moral….since half their co-workers are out of work, and you may be next.

    The automatice denial of unemployment benefits happens for many reasons. First its easy for the company representative to show up and put on a good show…they are experienced, second they hope to tire you out and perhaps you will go away, kinda like those affected by Katrina..They too were automaticaly denied benefits.

    So I get a crap job that pays crap, where the emploer treats be like crap, and hope I can afford the health insurance they offer.Unless they offer overtime, I will have to work two jobs to pay the rent and get my stuff out of storage, and that the person who let me sleep on their couch while I was trying to get a job, or hopefully winning the unemployment benefits.

    Heres the good news…Most of us who are unemployed, collecting food stamps and using the state health insurance are hard working people. We would rather work the crappy job, then collect (( if your lucky to collect), because we have good work ethics,we have always worked, and we will again. No matter how much the job pays or hard we have to work for that check. So guess what, screw depression..remember who you are, and pray to survive this awful time. Don’t give up. We will work again, we will smile at that job, we will cash that crummy paycheck, we will thank those friends that let us sleep on their couches, and we will like it and be grateful. You just wait and see.@


  • I say, take the world with me and everyone else on it and chuck it into the sum. Once we are all gone, there will be no more problems like unemployment, diseases, political problems, wars etc. People have been on this planet for thousands of years and we still haven’t learned. We still lie, cheat, steal, kill, are greedy etc. You could start all over with just 2 people on this planet, a man and a woman, and in time, we would be right back to where we are today. Once you are dead, you need no more money, job, health insurance and all these problems are finally over. This is not the place to be. People just use up resources all over the world and then move to a better place until all the world is used up. Like a third world country. Us humans made the rules since mankind has been on this planet and look what rules we made. It is a bunch of crap. There were problems here before you were born and there will be problems here when you are gone. So might as well be gone and let the rest of the world run around like a chicken without its head. Let’s all go to the other side and leave this mess behind. If the planet was thrown into the sun like I said before, the universe would finally be at peace.

  • @mike.us7 you need help you creepy man, were not all pessimistic, unresourceful and act upon the world like locusts. There is beauty in man/woman stick your head out of the basement, shut down the computer, open the blinds once in awhile and maybe the grey from your troll skin will disappear

  • @tomdude @mike.us7 The world needs help creepy man. You need help to. Not everyone is pessimistic but enough of the world is screwed up and always has been because of us humans who made the rules and are reaping what we sewed. Not all are unresourceful and act upon the world like locusts but there are plenty enough of them that has caused the world to be in the mess that it has been in for a long, long time. There is beauty in man and woman and there is plenty of mess there to. I live on the 14th floor, not in the basement, I am off the computers for hours every day, blinds are open, I go outside I even walk for 30 minutes at 140 steps per minute, jog for 30 minutes, walk up and down all 14 flights of stairs 2X a day, do 30 minutes of calisthenics a day, eat right, take vitamins, don’t drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs, have a 129 IQ and see the world for what it is, a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there…lol. No grey skin tone either. Too bad you do not know of what you speak. Maybe, someday, the cob webs will leave your so called brain and you will be enlightened.

  • @LIBBY Libby, unfortunately this is not necessarily so. I live in an area with the highest state unemployment figures in the country. And yet, week after week, I post jobs online for 10+ an hour and all I hear is..

    ” I just want to make sure this is more than my unemployment check.”

    When unemployment is paying people 100 or 200 less a week than what I can give them for a 40 hour work week, do you really expect the average person to get off their butt and choose to go to work? No, most of the lazy folks would rather play XBox or hang out at Starbucks than do the 40 hours of good hard work.

    99 weeks of unemployment has done nothing but allow people to ignore the jobs that are out there unless they like the job and it pays a good deal more than UEI.

    So…we keep looking for folks…and they keep sending in resumes by the hundreds…but don’t bother calling them for an interview. They never show up and half the time when they do, they are stoned out of their minds.

    Sorry, but if you don’t have work where you live…go find it. There are jobs out there…perhaps not in your neighborhood…but just as I moved my company to a state that was better for my business, sometimes you need to sacrifice and move in order to go where the jobs are.

    Good luck

  • I just heard that where we live-Yuma AZ-we have the highest rate of unemp. But what they don’t tell you is that the seasonal agricultural workers are laid off because the season is over. They receive their unemp benefits and go back to work in the fall. They do this every year–by choice! I have an adult son who was receiving unemp benefits for almost a year-but, he was making as much as he did when he was working full-time-what kind of incentive is that for him to go and find a job? We have to admit the system is broken before we can even try to fix it. And yes, mike.us7-the world is a fallen world. I don’t know what “other side” you are referring to, but our Creator made a beautiful world for us to live in—enjoy it while you are here. And if you do not know Jesus as your Savior, well then, I do know what “other side” you are referring to– and I would definitely re-think my life.

  • @tessie true The other side I am referring to is the afterlife, heaven. I am Catholic, was an altar boy for 4 years at Our Lady of the Angelus in New York (an elementary school) before I went to high school, I was considering becoming a priest. I went to Archbishop Molloy high school, then St. John’s University. I do know Jesus as my Saviour. I just feel that we, the people, have screwed this world up for so long that I long for heaven (the other side). It says in the bible that things on this planet continue to get worse until Jesus comes again. No man knows the hour, not even the angels or Jesus does. Only the Father knows the hour when the world comes to an end. I have been on this planet for 50 years and yes, there is beauty and good and also ugliness and bad. I just know that we, the people, are very flawed and will not fix this on our own. I long for when all this is over and things are the way they are supposed to be.

  • mike.us7-what a blessing to have been brought up in a Christian home. I, too, was raised Catholic until my father returned from Viet Nam. However I did not become a Christian until I was 26. The Bible teaches we “possess” what we “confess”–whether good or bad. Try to look at the positive aspects of living on Earth today. John wrote in his gospel that Jesus came to the earth so that we may have life, eternal yes, but also life here and now, and that life is to be abundant-in joy, laughter, and love (John 10:10). Don’t miss out on the blessings God has in store for you here by looking at the sinful fallen world we have to live in-we have to live in it but not be a part of it. You are letting the enemy steal from you what God has for you in the present. And I hope you realize you are not saved because you are a Catholic, or that you were an altar boy, or received a Catholic education. You are saved by the grace of God, through Jesus Christ. It is nothing that we can do for ourselves, but that God has already done for us. If I am “preaching to the choir” and you already truly know this, then maybe our Lord wanted someone else to read this and be blessed. If not, Mike, please read God’s word, draw closer to Him, and He will draw closer to you (James 4:8), and you will be much happier in the present instead of longing so much for the end of the world. Be blessed!

  • @tessie true Yes, it was a blessing to be brought up in a Christian home. I was very fortunate in that way and many others.

    I am glad that you became a Christian. The age is unimportant, what is important is that you became one.

    Right now, I must possess what I confess and therefore that explains my outlook on this world. I know that there are positive aspects of living on Earth today and I must try to emphasize those qualities. With the way the world is, it is hard for life here to be abundant in joy, laughter and love but i must try and find these things even in the little things in life. Sometimes, in simplicity, you can find true joy.

    I am aware that the only way to be saved is to believe in Jesus Christ, fully accept Him in my heart, repent my sins and to truly follow Jesus the best way I can with His help. Your words have helped me and maybe others to so it is always good to repeat such important information. Let everyone who reads your words be blessed. I have a daily bible that allows you to read the entire bible in 365 days (1 year) by only reading for 15 minutes a day. I have almost read the bible through twice and it comes with a study guide which helps even more in understanding God’s word. Once again, thank you for your thoughtful words.

    God Bless!

  • mike.us7-that is such an encouragement–I am so glad you are diligent in reading His Word-that is the only way to get to know Him-to read His word and spend time praying and listening for His voice. It is also encouraging to worship with other believers. I am a single mom, both my boys are grown and out of the house now, but being part of a church body has always been such a blessing to me. I hope you have that too. God is in the quietness of our hearts-He is not found in the chaos of this world. Reflect upon His agape love, His mercy, His grace, His faithfulness. Remember our joy in the Lord is our strength. See you on the “other side” my brother!!

  • So I guess a person should just stay on the welfare rather than get a job because otherwise it might make him sad… 🙁 An article such as this is a harbinger of how pathetic our society has become. Unemployment insurance is largely killing off the resourcefullness of this country– as Tessie points out. People need to get off the teat. I have a friend who onw a convenience store and on a daily basis he has people coming into to ask if he’s hiring. He used to say “no” and then they’d ask if he’s sign their form stating that they attempted to get a job there. Once he started saying “yes” they all just looked at him and walked away. He says this happens 2 or 3 times a day. A larger percentage of people don’t want to get off the dole. This is the impact the liberals have had on this country.

  • in Arizona they do not need to go out and look for employment and get signatures-you just have to go on-line and input where you tried to look for employment. I am not trying to be negative, but we are raising a generation of adults that should be called the “Entitlement” generation-not X or Y. I am so glad I am not a young adult in this day and age–it has got to be tough. I have met some young adults that give me hope for the future but the majority of them do not have a clue-they think for today, and today only, and they have no qualms about being dishonest and deceptive. I know you can’t legislate morals…so we have this world where animals have more rights than human beings, we have politicians instead of statesmen, and we are teaching our youth there is no such thing as “absolute truth”.

    2 Chronicles 7:14

  • My unemployment began the day after President Obama’s inauguration. I’ve still got the greatest hope that he’ll

    get the country cleaned up after the previous ruling class pillaged and plundered. Only wish he’d get some cooperation, be allowed to do his job & not have to act like the teacher maintaining order in detention. LA needs

    jobs, re-entry training programs & continuing education. Retrieval of funds stolen by people who got OUR sti-

    mulus $$ has to be redistributed before everybody is out of benefits. How about creating jobs immediately with

    that goal in mind?

  • Wow.

    Studies have shown that those who were laid off from crappy jobs were more depressed after they obtained crappier jobs paying less money…

    Rocket Science.

  • by all means, live off the rest of us for the sake of your well-being rather than paying your own way through life while looking for something you like better. Everybody has worked a job he/she hated, but it takes a unique mindset to believe that leeching off others is the better option.

  • by all means, live off the rest of us for the sake of your well-being rather than paying your own way through life while looking for something you like better. Everybody has worked a job he/she hated, but it takes a unique mindset to believe that leeching off others is the better option.

  • @boroughparkdiva re-read your own first sentence. Some might call that cause and effect. In the time since that day, your prospects have weakened despite Obama’s having had two years of Congressional majorities. But, he didn’t care about you or anyone like you; he was more interested in the political payback disguised as stimulus and health care reform. Jobs do not get created because Washington prints money.

  • Hey warbird!! who says we’re leeching if stimulus money is used to improve infrastructure, create new sustainable industries & compete in the global market while putting fecal matter like me back to work? I never said to become a welfare dependent person or get benefits from others’ labor you effete snob!!!

  • @boroughparkdiva ah, juvenile rewording of screen names; how cute. And nice job of missing the point, which has NOTHING to do with infrastructure and global competition, and everything to do saying that unemployment beats a lousy job. Instead of name-calling, try thinking, specifically this: folks like you keep bringing up infrastructure..every state plus the feds collect gasoline taxes, which are supposed to be used for roads, bridges, etc. If infrastructure is a problem, what is going on with that money?

  • Thank you for all the enlightenment. I shall go on with my pitiful existence looking for meaningful gainful employment while at the same time if I land a really despicable job I’ll grab it for the lousy hours, no benefits,

    & of course minimum wage. I quit the debate, gotta look for work some more

  • 3 years ago my business crashed and the buisness of my friend also ended. It took me 44 job apps to find a job. One thing i have learned is that the phrase “you are over quilified” means you are to old. I found a job that pays 50% less then what I used to make. My friend chose to be on unemployment and is still there today. He gets extension after extension. I told him that with economic conservatives gaining power he may not keep getting extensions, he says nobody in congress has the balls to limit the time one draws unemployment….so far he is right. I am speechless and I have lost respect for my friend. As for me, I get little raises at work once a year and really do not have much to say there either, I just work hard…a 3 year vet of the over-nights stocking crew at a major retail store….I think my friend looks at me as if i am the stupid one. maybe he is right

  • I’ll disagree with your friend’s assessment of you and here is why: the country was not founded on an entitlement culture and even liberals are learning that the welfare state is not permanently sustainable. Look at Greece; the Socialist Party heads the govt and even it figured out that the status quo does not work. England’s riots stem from people used to receiving other people’s money being told they are going to have to start contributing to their own sustenance. Sooner or later, Congress will tell your friend the same thing, and I cannot blame you for losing respect for him.

    Totally sympathetic to your “over-qualified” analysis which may well have dire consequences for the country. How many bright and talented people, like you, are working far below their capabilities because companies are more interested in cost-containment than in finding the best people to help the enterprise grow.

  • Yep!! That’s what I was reduced to. I’d work a suicide at my retail job, closing then opening back to back,

    just so I’d be on top of the situation & get the most productivity out of my crew & me. Employers know that for every job there are at least 75 salivating candidates willing to screw over anyone who may be a threat. I had to

    suck it up & deal so I could take care of my family. I would love for my family to live as well as we did from 1993

    til the Golden (as in trickle down) years of W. All I originally said in this debate was the people who pillaged

    stimulus & investors’ $ should put it to everybody’s benefit not just them thieves.

  • Funny, everyone I interview with wants to know what I’ve been doing and when I say “looking for a job” they look at me like I’m crazy. Not sure if I was supposed to push to get that job at Wendy’s five years ago.

  • My friend was a bus operator for the MTA in New York. He worked there for about 8 years. Then he got dizzy, was weak, both his optic nerves were damaged and he applied for Social Security Disability. He finally got it and gets about $1,600 a month ($400 a week). After a few years he got better and was able to work. He looked for jobs, found none and the ones that were offered were for part time work, no benefits, so he stayed on disability. He has been on it for around 10 years so far and when I ask him if he misses work, he says he is use to the way it is and likes relaxing while collecting disability and since he also has Medicare, he has health insurance to. He says he goes to bed around midnight, gets up around 10 AM, has a good breakfast, showers, exercises for about 2 hours a day, reads the paper, has lunch, listens to the radio, goes on the computer, watches TV, goes through the mail and has a very relaxing, stress free life. He is now 50 and enjoys his time off. He says, “Let everyone else run around like a chicken with their head cut off, looking for work and when he sees the people going to work early in the morning, when it is pouring rain, or when it is very cold with snow on the ground, or when it is super hot in the summer, he goes back to bed, relaxes, sleeps and likes his situation where he has the time to do what he wants every day. He seems happy.

  • @seun.osewa True, he knows that but when he tried to find work, there was only part time positions that offered no benefits so he was making more and he also has health insurance (Medicare) so he was better off with Social Security Disability than taking any of those part time jobs. Now, he is use to his own schedule, likes it and has the day to do with as he wishes.

    Sounds good to me…lol.

  • of course, he seems happy. He doesn’t have to do anything and the taxpayer is subsidizing that decision. But, as we see from Europe, his lifestyle is unsustainable. Your friend has lost any sense of pride, believing himself entitled to a comfy life at our expense and, almost as bad, you are justifying it. When the economy eventually improves, I doubt that his outlook will change.

  • @wareagle82 I see your point but I also see his. What America needs is manufacturing jobs where the work would be full time, not part time and let’s say the starting wage would be $15 an hour and also offer benefits like paid sick days, a pension, medical, paid vacation and opportunity for advancement. When my friend was working for the MTA as a bus operator, he made $22 hour, worked full time, had medical, dental, optical, prescriptions, paid vacation, paid sick days, a 401K plan etc. Most city, and state jobs in New York have all that. Police, fire, sanitation, correction dept. and a lot of Federal jobs are like that to. That is the type of jobe people need. Not part time, $8 an hour, no benefits. That is crap. Except most companies that manufacture, moved overseas so they can offer no benefits and $10 a day to foreigners to do the work. America makes very little to nothing anymore. All businesses want to pay as little as possible and make as much as possible. People want to make as much as possible and spend as much as possible to. We are all greedy and cheap. So for the jobs that are being offered, my friend is making more money and has health insurance on Social Security Disability that he would not make or have on the jobs being offered. It is unsustainable but he has been on it for 10 years and as long as it lasts, until he passes away, that is good enough for him…lol. It may not be right but this is what the world has become. Everyone is trying to get what they can for themselves.

    As far as when this economy improves, that could be years from now and it has already been years. How can the job market improve when we don’t manufacture anything anymore? We only have jobs in retail, fast food and industries that offer crap wages and little to no benefits. The U.,S. is in such debt that it will take a long, long time, if ever, to get out. The stock market worries about our economy and Europe’s economy which is in even a bigger mess than ours. So, in the meantime, my friend has adequate income and health insurance and will take it as long as it lasts.

  • Not in California. Here, being unemployed is preferred over having a low paid job. Better to let the bankrupt state and exhausted taxpayers cover your unemployment and public assistance. Working is just so…well….Texan.

  • @peter wolf Here to, in New York, if being unemployed or on Social Security Disability is paying more than the low paying jobs are offering and on Social Security Disability, you get health insurance (Medicare) which the low paying jobs don’t offer, than it is just easier to collect the money and have your health insurance than it is to buy a suit for interviews, create a resume, go to dozens of different job interviews to be told you are over qualified, under qualified, too old or look at help wanted offerings that say only apply if you have a job. All of that non sense is ridiculous. I just don’t have the patience for this world. I am ready to go to the other side (heaven) and let everyone else run around here on earth dealing with this economy, BS and other crap. I see how this world is and you can have it.

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