Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Barbie-Style Anniversary

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw…and Barbie? The McGraws have invited a very special guest to their 15-year wedding anniversary: Barbie!  Mattel, the company behind the Barbie franchise will release the dolls in September to correlate with the couple’s 15-year marriage mark in October.  Even though Barbie has been accused of giving unrealistic expectations of women, Linda Kyaw, the designer of these dolls said “The couple (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw) knew exactly what they wanted to see in doll form, and they helped us achieve the best possible results.”  This means not only dolls that are proportionately correct but also bear a near-perfect likeness to the country stars.

Okay so we can’t all celebrate our anniversary by getting an action figure in our likeness. But how can others hope to celebrate many healthy and happy years of marriage?  There are a few options out there.

  • Try a double-date.  A recent study shows that couples who share intimate details about their lives with other couples not only grow closer to their friends but also closer to each other.  The study supports the idea that the social environment can either have a beneficial or detrimental impact on the relationship depending on how much information was divulged.  Couples that shared more tended to be closer to one another as opposed to couples who littered the conversation with small talk and not much more.
  • Learn how to deal with conflict early on:  Adults that had strong attachments when infants are better at handling the ups and downs of relationships because they have a better handle on emotional self regulation.  Open communication and being able to resolve conflicts peacefully are very important when it comes to a long-lasting marriage.
  • Stay On Top of Finances:  Married couples share a lot of things, stress being one of them. Intentionally or not, a married couple may pass stress back and forth between one another.  A recent study done at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the National University of Singapore shows that the distress levels of a married couple increases significantly while one person is employed and the other is not.  Being able to work together through a financial crisis is a sign of a good marriage.
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