Chocolate Milk Ban in L.A. School Districts: Strawberry Milk Suspended, Too

Chocolate milk may get banned from Los Angeles County school districts. The chocolate milk debate is raging once again and a growing number of school districts have removed  or are considering removing flavored milks from their cafeterias.  It’s recommended that kids get 3 cups of milk per day. Here’s the problem – 70 percent of the milk consumed at school is flavored milk.  Will the kids actually drink plain milk, or will it suffer a similar fate to the side of string beans or stick of government cheese? Straight from the tray to the garbage.

As nutritionist Tamara Freuman explains, “research suggests that children who drink flavored milk have higher calcium intake and do not have significantly higher BMIs than children who do not drink flavored milk. Furthermore, missing out on calcium during childhood and adolescence when peak bone mass is being formed risks setting your child up for lower bone mineral density as an adult, when it’s much more difficult to address.”

In an ideal world, probably no nutritionist, parent or teacher would ever want a child to drink chocolate milk but kids need the calcium and nutrients.  The real question remains is will students simply not drink the milk at all if only plain milk is offered? Either way, we’d like to see the vending machines kicked out of schools. Children today drink more soda than milk. Can’t help but think the ban on milk will encourage thirsty kids to drop their milk money into soda machines.

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  • only putting white milk in schools will not make make childrean start drinking it. my youngest child is like me and HATES the taste of white milk. they only have white milk at her school now. her first grade teacher says she will not drink it but gets up and gets drinks of water. neither one of us even put milk on our cereal but eat it dry. wie both eat planty of yourty cheese and ice cream so we get planty of culculim. but what about those children that basicly the only culcim they get is from the free breakfast and lunch they get at school that wont drink white milk? my daughter teacher says she see lots of kids refusing to drink white milk and get drinks of water for the fountian instude. which is the leeser of two eviels not getting enough culcuim or having a little bit of choc/strawberry and suger in milk and having a child drink it. taking favored milk out of the schools is one of the stupiest things the schools are doing. soda and chips i can understand but not the milk. ( yes I know my spelling is horribe please get over it before someone makes some stupid comment about that ) we are talking about taking favored milk out of the schools not how will someone can or can not spell.

  • White milk/chocolate-the difference is basically how many more calories chocolate milk has over white milk.The fact of the matter is that if kids will drink the chocolate milk,then it should stay on the school menus.We’re talking mostly about young kids here-they’ll burn the extra calories up on the playground.If drinking chocolate milk is the only way to get some calcium into school kids,then I’m all for it.I guess that the schools that are removing chocolate milk from their menus would prefer that kids spend their lunch money on soda ,and other garbage, that’s far worse for them to drink than chocolate milk.We all know thatit’s true that if a kid doesn’t want something in their lunch than they’ll try to trade it,or it will go straight into the trash.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.After all,we were all school kids once and we all know how it goes when you’re a school kid.Am I right?

  • the synthetic flavors are not healthy but may cause a breach of health, the milk chocolate is good when the ingredients in it are only natural i.e. most without hydrogenated fats and saturated vegetable fats, plus, that on the picture, apple(the fruits) in combination with milk is not good, because results in formation of toxins in the body due to the inability to fully digestion of the nutrients from the milk because of the acids in fruits, while the fruits themselves decompose releasing unfavorable substances because they spend long time in the shell of curd/clabber

  • It is my firm belief the school system, no matter where it is located, should concentrate more on education than what type of milk the students drink. Surely it is much better that they drink milk for nurishment reasons but why would a school system wallow in idle subjects instead of taking to heart the quality of education that they are presenting to the sudents? This is the accomplishment of the L.A. school districts?

    Clearly the decision makers have way too much time on their hands or prehaps they are not doing their job in other areas.This is like the slight of hand trick where one hand does one thing to draw attention while the other works unnoticed. It is difficult to believe there’s not a better place to put one’s attention. Please stop the nonsence and educate the children. Start by making them want to be in school instead of not being there.

  • now that is going too far…There is more sugar in the food that the kids eat than milk. A LOT of kids, A LOT OF KIDS DO NOT DRINK MILK AND WILL NOT DRINK MILK!!!!! The only people that have the right to tell children what to eat and not to eat IS THEIR PARENTS…..THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH AMERICA NOW AND WHY THEY HAVE THE ISSUES WE HAVE…..THE GOVERNMENT IS TOO BUSY TELLING PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN’T DO!!!!! WE’RE TOO BUSY LIVING IN GLASS HOUSES !!!! THAT IS WHY THE REST OF THE WORLD LAUGHS AT US IN TERMS OF MOST THINGS!!!!!!

  • This is really going overboard. I wonder if mom and dad will go home and have a drink or two after passing such important legislation?

  • I also have to wonder if the school officials considering these changes for the health and welfare of the students were aware that many chocolate milk brands use skim milk or 1%, whereas oftentimes the school provided white milk is whole milk. Calories in sugar vs. calories in fat and cholesterol…

  • Yes. And while you’re at it, you could make a water bottle a choice to come with your meal as well, without having to pay $2.00 for an 8oz. bottle from a vending machine. That’s pathetic!

    Plus, what about the kids that are lactose intolerant or have a casein allergy??

    Being a 7th grader myself, I could care less if you get rid of choco milk. But only if there is free water provided. The water fountian, rusting in the corner, out of order, does NOT count!!

  • There is a solution to this chocolate milk dilemma. MojoMilk ( is a chocolate milk mix containing 60% fewer calories than others and also delivers 10x more active probiotics than yogurt. It comes in individual stick packs and can be added to plain milk for a delicious and healthy chocolate milk!

  • I am a student in the LA district, I know at my high school they simply do not offer plain milk, we have two options chocolate or strawberry. And its no better for breakfast meals which gives you a choice of milk or syrupy “juice.”

    And frankly with these budget cuts milk should be the least of our concerns, teacher should be.

  • @WH @fetz48 please tell me who you are talking to or about? except for the rude commont you posted about someone having a horrible display of humanity no one else one here has posted rude comments. and except for you no one is being an arrogant a$$hole as you call it.

  • @deenerjean @WH @fetz48

    You “deenerjean” know exactly to whom and what post I was referring to … your three or more paragraph tirade (that you or the mods apparently deleted) which was completely belittling another poster for his improper speller and grammar.

  • @WH @deenerjean @fetz48

    No, dude. Deenerjean posted the original comment. Fetz48 is the one who posted the tirade about poor spelling.

  • @WilliamLawrenceEverett @deenerjean @fetz48

    First, I am not a dude. Second, I apologize for confusing the names, as both of the original posts are gone and I couldn’t look to confirm. Dennerjean apparently didn’t see Fetz48’s rant, to realize that I was simplydefending him/her.

  • @deenerjean @fetz48 My apologies deenerjean, my reply was meant for Fetz48, who apparently deleted his reply to your post before you had the opportunity to read it. Be thankful you didn’t, because he certainly wasn’t being kind to you. My post about the “horrible display of humanity” was simply in defense of you, so an apology from you wouldn’t be out of order. ; )

  • @WH @fetz48 Sorry wish I had of had the chance to read the post that fetz48 had of put up. though if it was a mean as you say I am probbly glad I did not get the chance to read it. thanks for the defended. I never seen why some people seem to get a thrill out of putting other people down just to make themselfs feel better that sounds like fetz48. I was taught to disagree with people with out belittling them. after reading lots of diferent post from different place and can see lots of people were not taught this skill. fetz48 apprears ot be one of those peple. and again a thanks to WH for defending me. nice to know there are still some good people in the world

  • First off learned to read by sight not sound. second if internet explore has spell check they dont make easy to find or use. when I use spell check I want it right there saying the word is spelled wrong and I just have to click to change it. also bad spelling does not mean stupid. I grduated high school with all A’s and B’s. oldest child was 8 months old when I did so. I was in VA at that time they had what they called componse test. to see where you was had compared to other students and school. I was always in the top 2% of all the schools. yet I had friends of mine who were wonder spellers and perfect writing who was in the lower 50% prove that just cause you can spell does not mean you can think.

  • fetz48 putting me down is one thing putting my daughter down is another. She learned to read in k and was doing so long before I know she could. she always gets 100 percent on everything she does in school. Her first grade teacher says she is very smart for her age and if she keeps it up she may end up skipping a grade or two. and she does all of her school work on her own with out my help. you realy should think before you start running your mouth about peole children you dont know. You may think you have brains but you sure dont have any commons sense and you can got a lot futher on common sense than you can with brains. Though normal people have both. use them both together I can tell by your post that you dont.

  • @deenerjean

    If you’re looking for a browser with easy-to-use spell check, I’d recommend Firefox.

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