Bully Is Another Word for Cool: Why Bullies Are Popular

Everyone hates a bully, right? Well, that may not actually be true. According to a recent study involving 5th and 6th graders, it’s not the bullies who are disliked by their classmates, but the ones being bullied.  The researchers found that the students tended to feel that the kid being bullied brought it on themselves. That”s right, if you ever got the snot kicked out of you in middle school by some mean kid, all those classmates watching on the sidelines thought you deserved it.

Somewhat less surprising, the gossips were found to be the most popular.  Even though the malicious gossipers damaged many relationships with their backstabbing words, almost all their peers still liked them. Sadly, the word “popular” is synonymous for “mean” in middle school.

So where”s the revenge for the kids being bullied? It”s called adulthood. Reports from another study found that bullies have more emotional  and substance-abuse problems as adults.

Of course, studies come and studies go, but social Darwinism remains. Perhaps, this study says more about the majority of the onlookers than either the bullies or the kids getting teased.

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