Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girls Love Booze

Skinny girls need to drink. Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives fame apparently sold her Skinny Girl Margarita brand. Ah, finally a reality television star that has a career from the gig, and a fitting one too. Like Gatorade is to athletes, alcohol is to reality stars. Booze may have helped fuel some of the greatest reality television scenes of all time. Alas, ladies there are consequences to drinking irresponsibly-besides becoming a reality tv starlet. You could get fat. When we say drinking irresponsibly, we don’t want you to cut down on your drinking, just your caloric intake.

In one Real Housewives episode, Frankel mentioned off-handedly her secret low-calorie version of her favorite drink. This low calorie delight helps keep her body looking two-dimensional both on and off screen. The fans loved it. We don’t just want advice on how to be skinny, we want a vice too. We’d like to be skinny and comfortably numb to the cries of our belly pangs.

Alcohol does have a lot of calories. Lite beer was first invented in 1973 by Miller and it started the lite drinking craze. Interestingly the beer was marketed towards men, and the commercial used manly football stars saying manly things while holding a man-tastic waist friendly Miller lite. As it turns out, fast forward years later it’s the ladies who really crave a lite brew. We want our beer but we don’t want beer-handles.

Frankel an author and a natural foods chef, admits to her own past struggles battling eating disorders. She’s create a mini-empire mixing everything that’s hot right now in the world, healthy eating, booze, and reality television.


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