Autism Alert: Study Finds Vaccinations Are Safe for Kids

In 2008, celebrity activists and “antivaccinationists” Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy helped raise the alarm about the supposed dangers of vaccines. Noting the simultaneous rise in the rates of vaccine-usage and autism cases during the 20th century, they and others were convinced that mercury and other toxins used as preservatives in vaccines were causing autism. However, any fledgling scientist or statistician knows that “correlation does not imply causation,” and recent research does not indicate that vaccines are responsible for autism.

Previous research had demonstrated that children injected with vaccines containing thimerosal, a preservative that is 49 percent mercury, were no more likely to develop autism than children who were not injected. The present research, published in the journal Pediatrics, digs deeper into those findings. The scientists looked at the relationship between thimerosal exposure and autism. Additionally, researchers looked at whether it made a difference if children were exposed to mercury prenatally, or within one, seven, or 20 months of birth.

The researchers used data from the medical records of 250 kids with autism, as well as 750 kids without an autistic disorder to serve as the control population. They looked at the children’s immunization records to determine which of them had been injected with thimerosal and when.

After crunching all of the data, researchers were able to draw statistically significant conclusions. The results showed that children who had been injected with thimerosal were no more likely to have developed autism than kids who had not been injected. In fact, this result held regardless of kids’ ages when they were exposed to the chemical. The researchers even noted that half of the time they found a marginally decreased risk of children having autism after thimerosal exposure.

From a public health perspective, these results are encouraging. Parents who stop vaccinating their children invite outbreaks of virulent and deadly diseases that we haven’t faced in the U.S. for decades. Most Americans younger than 40 have never seen the horrible effects of a measles, mumps, or whooping cough outbreak, and if we continue to vaccinate, they never will. Hopefully, additional research like this study will soon put the question of whether vaccines cause autism to rest, and precious autism research dollars can be spent on finding the true causes of, and effective treatments for, the tragic disorder.

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  • Thousands of parents in this country report that their children were normally developing until they received routine vaccinations. One percent of our children have an autism diagnosis and no official can tell us why. The only thing they’re sure of is that THEIR VACCINE PROGRAM ISN’T RESPONSIBLE.

    This piece pretends that the only issue is the use of mercury, the second deadliest element on earth and a known neurotoxin. Since 1983, the vaccination schedule has been more than tripled without a single safety study on the cumulative effect of so many vaccines so soon.

    The truth is no health official has ever called for the one study that would settle the issue once and for all. Why has there never been an independent study done comparing the autism rate in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. If one percent of never vaccinated kids have autism—it would be the final proof of no link. Why seriously need to ask why this research has never been done.

    Parents need to educate themselves.

    Please look at these videos which should raise serious questions about vaccine safety claims.

    Shots in the Dark featuring Dr. Julie Buckley

    SafeMinds: “Vaccines don’t cause autism-except when they do”

    Andrew Wakefield speaks to Parliament on Autism Oct, 2010

    Anne Dachel
    Media editor: Age of Autism

  • This is more propaganda spoon fed you by the pharm industry. Millions of dollars have been awarded for injuries and death caused by vaccines. There are dozens of ingredients in vaccines and their interaction with environmental toxins is poorly understood. Their benefit is overstated whereas their risks are downplayed. Pharma pays for most research and results they do not like get thrown away. Here is a story idea for you Tim, write about the billions of dollars in fines paid by pharma for illegal off label marketing of drugs or paying kickbacks to doctors.

  • Thanks for sharing another statistical manipulation study outcome done by the makers, producers and administrators of vaccines. This is the only science that says it is a good idea to inject infants with large amounts of the most toxic form of mercury that exists. To actually read the real science on this issue, go to Pubmed (library of the National Institute of Health) and enter “autism mercury”. You will get references to 146 papers. Over 90% of these papers support the link between mercury and autism. The only ones that don’t are paers like the one described in this article.

  • Perhaps looking for allergies prior to vaccinations would be helpfull.

    If we test sensitivity to mercury would that give us a clue?

    However, I suspect that the alarming cause of Autism, and other developmental disorders may be more linked to the fact that women are using more alcohol, and other drugs at a much more younger date and at a rate never seen in history.

    We know what happens if a women uses alcohol or other drugs during pregnancy; however, there is not enough research that cautions us how much exposure the ovaries-prenatal, or even past-generational use of alcohol and other drugs can take before developmental changes occur.

    Add that to constant exposure to all sorts of chemicals ovaries are exposed to: that are worn, in the air, ingested, bathed in or applied to the skin.

    During pregnancy many women use various creams and lotions for stretch mark prevention, and dry itchy skin. How many are cautious enough to read the labels of those products?

  • You can add years of using birth control pills to the list of exposure of women to chemicals prior to giving birth, that may explain the rise in autistic characteristics. Do we really know what harm birth control has on the ova that is dormant inside an ovary due to ovulation prevention versus normal ovulation times.?

    We may know that what side-effects birth control has on the woman taking it, however, I have not found any research that demonstrates what it does to the ova when it prevent ovulation at a natural rate.

  • All of these research results show no such thing.

    If you look you will see that for children in the womb up to about 6 months they have an increased risk of autism after vaccines.

    Mercury is a brain destroying element that adults can withstand by overcoming the toxicity and keeping the stuff away from the brains.

    One child in 150 or whatever cannot do this and suffer illness or deficits.

    The research with pre birth infants showed an elevated risk of autism from 3 micrograms of thimerosal and the current flu vaccine injected into pregnant mothers may contain 25 or more micrograms of thimerosal.

  • This article doesn’t show Vaccnations are safe, it shows that the levels of mercury between kids with ASD and those without it are the same. How do you draw the conclusion vaccines are safe????

    Maybe if they did the study Pre-vaccine and post vaccine and then compared the data.

    Using the logic used here I can test 1000 people and split them into those with a peanut allergy and those without and conclude that having white blood cells does not pre-dispoase anyone to a peanut allergy…..that’s not science, that’s statistical manipulation.

    Based on the stats of their data almost 1/3rd of the children tested could be said to have developed ASD as a result of the testing methodology!!! They were all tested and almost 1/3rd has ASD, so therefore the testing did it.

    Any real science being done out there?

  • “Hopefully, additional research like this study will soon put the question of whether vaccines cause autism to rest, and precious autism research dollars can be spent on finding the true causes of, and effective treatments for, the tragic disorder.”

    Actually, as indicated in the previous comments, this type of epidemiological research won’t convince many, if any. What we need is some biological research, ie, primate studies.

  • The problem I have with this stuff is that I believe every word that Andrew Wakefield says and I do not believe a single word said by the Pharma funded research studies 43 of which I learn have criminally misrepresented their conclusions. Personally I have laboured hard to find unvaccinated autistic people in Britain since 1966 when I first read about Wakefield’s work in our national press. Over fourteen years I have found no more than a handful of dubious cases and not a single one clearly autistic but not vaccinated. I call unvaccinated a new name now I say unvaccinated = unautistic QED.

    Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK

  • Sadly, one cannot reason a man out of a position he didn’t reason himself into. No evidence, no study, no data, will ever convince people like Tony Bateson that vaccines do not cause autism.

  • It is always interesting to me that people refuse to take accountability for the children that they have produced. I have two girls with autism. There is no doubt what “caused” their autism- it runs on both sides of our family. Much like thousands of disorders and diseases, I feel autism is genetic.
    I am also guessing that if a drug came out tomorrow that “cured” autism, the same people that spew a hatred for Pharma would be all over giving drugs to their children or taking them.
    As with anything in this world, people want to place blame on something other than themselves. Suck it up- if autism is the worst thing that ever happens to you or your children, consider yourself lucky.

  • What an absolute load of BS. Vaccinating yourself is no different than playing Russian roulette with your life. Many vaccinations are not even tested before being released into the public. Its helps the NWO understand which ones will take us down quicker while we continue to not question and say nothing. They are the ones who are quick to assess any amount of “population control shot” that is so desperately needed in order to fulfill their agenda.

    I really hope none of you are that stupid or brainwashed to understand that these are poisons we’re injecting into our bodies. oh yeah, and it doesn’t stop there… water or public water for that matter in many parts of the country contain sedatives and aggression control chemicals that take over your mind and physical strength which contains the same poisons as the vaccines.

    Simply going along with there program or doing nothing just kills me to watch so many of us who will be so short lived and die an early death…its time to think for yourself, do a little research and we can fight these blood sucking ticks from off our backs.

    I’m calling for all patriots and constitutionalists to stand up and not be afraid to say the truth when you are communicating with these amerikan sheeple. Just remember that we are a 100 to their 1. yes, that’s right. 100-1. But first that requires everyone’s attention to face the “mark of the beast”. back TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL with these satanist bastards!!

    Knowledge is Power… so empower yourself. We Americans must dismantle our enemy before they sweep us off our feet and take what they suppose is rightfully theirs.

  • Unethical? I call this continuation of mercury in vaccines beyond criminal. Jail would be too kind to the people who refuse to protect our children and continue to poison them.This is mass mutilation; who needs terrorists? These coverups do much more harm than any terrorist ever could. As Nancy Snyderman on ABC news SHOULD say ” Just get the damn MERCURY out of the shots! ” instead of ” Just get your damn shots”

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