Olive Garden Serves Sangria To Toddler: Days After Applebee’s Mixup

Olive Garden serves Sangria to a two-year old, just days after Applebee’s made headlines for a similar mistake.  In Florida a child was served an alcoholic sangria beverage instead of an orange juice at the local Olive Garden. Sangria is a cocktail made from orange juice, white wine and pineapple juice. This is not the first time an incident like this has happened.  A similar event happened recently where an Applebee’s in Chicago served alcohol to a toddler who was expecting a normal apple juice, but was instead greeted with a margarita. The parents of the Applebee’s toddler suing for an unspecified medical damages and emotional distress. Maybe this drunken toddler mix-up will get both the kids a scholarship to college courtesy of the two franchises. The news prompted Applebee’s to make a company policy to immediately retrain the entire staff nationwide. In response, Olive Garden is no longer making containers of sangria in advance, it will be made to order and not sit in a tub that could be mistaken for OJ.

There is an Apple in Applebee’s, but it’s not for apple juice. This is the third time this has happened at an Applebee’s. One time a child was accidentally served a Long Island iced tea. According to the New York Daily News, “In 2006, a New York Applebee’s served an alcoholic drink instead of apple juice and in 2007, a toddler in a California Applebee’s drank a margarita instead of juice as well.”

Applebee’s spokesperson Nancy Mays apologized on Monday. What would Johnny Applebee say?

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