Allergy Sufferers: Try This Once Daily At-Home Remedy

Asthmatics suffer from hay fever and/or sinusitis more than double the normal population. With springtime here, it”s important to keep the seasonal allergies under control. Allergy relief may just be some warm water, salt and baking soda away.  Saline irrigation may spell sinus pain relief for allergy suffers, as they have been proven effective for cleansing the nostrils of excess dirt and mucus.  In 2007, reviewed evidence for the effectiveness of nasal saline irrigation for symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis (inflamed nostrils); the reviewers concluded that it is well tolerated and beneficial, whether used alone or when used in addition to nasal sprays or allergy medication.  Nasal stuffiness, dryness, crusting, congestion and thick or discolored discharge can all be treated with at home nasal irrigation.

The study also revealed that while products like neti pots were effective, they were found to be rather cumbersome and resulted in people ceasing using the pots in lieu of a more convenient nasal spray. Nasal sprays are not as effective though, according to the study.

The process of using the neti pots can be rather simple, but seeing the execution of it can be a little intimidating.  For optimal use of neti pots, use the following steps:


  • Salt (kosher, canning, or pickling salt)
  • Baking soda
  • Nasal irrigation pot (available at most pharmacies)
  • Measuring spoons
  • Container with lid


  • Put 1 tsp salt and ½ tsp baking soda into the container.
  • Add 1 pint of lukewarm tap water.
  • Mix contents.
  • Fill the nasal pot.


  • Lean over the sink; rotate your head to one side.
  • Insert the spout of the irrigation device into the uppermost nostril.
  • Breathe through your mouth.
  • Raise the handle of the nasal pot so the solution flows into the upper nostril; in a few moments, the solution will begin to drain from the lower nostril.
  • Continue until the pot is empty, then exhale gently through both nostrils and gently blow your nose.
  • Refill the nasal pot, turn your head to the opposite side, and repeat with the other nostril.
  • Do this twice a day or as directed.


  • Wash the pot daily with warm water and dish detergent; rinse thoroughly.
  • Store unused saline solution in the sealed container; it can be kept at room temperature and reused for two days.


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  • If you perform irrigation, follow the instructioins regarding flowback infection very carefully as flowback contamination can continue the infection. At U of Penn they found the ordinary squeeze bottles contaminated after two weeks, even with good instructions.

    Use other sinus helps – tea, lemon and honey which speeds nasal cilia, as does chicken soup. Humming at the right pulse rate can restore nasal cilia to proper movement, as can pulsatile saline irrigation at the correct speed. Above all, don’t forget bed rest.

  • Netipot is the best remedies to get help in sinus infection.It will help you to overcome from the clogged nose and also helpful in nasal passage infection.

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